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PROLOGUE:  The story about Elnora
By: Carrie Bennett Foxx Ware

I am Carrie Bennette Foxx Ware. My husband, now deceased was Richard Lee Ware. I am the mother of two boys. The eldest, now deceased.  Richard Dishon Ware and his brother Gerald DeVaughn Ware were born one year and two months apart.
I am a true child of God. It is sometimes easy for women my age to say they have lived godly lives. At seventy-one people expect you to say: I have done everything out there to do. Now I will live for Christ. That is not my testimony. I was born into a Christian home. Both parents were Christians. I am not perfect but I have always endeavored towards the mark of high calling. I cannot say I have arrived there yet. But, I am striving toward the mark of high calling. I can truthfully say it is the free gift of our Lord that has allowed me to be a witness for him.

There are those who maintain the theory that one can pray all they desire to, but when it comes down to the truth, the world has the upper hand. Not so, reading the Bible daily will place your will in the hands of God’s will. I guarantee His “will” will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Many things I said and did as a child and as an adult, I wish I had not said or done.

I am glad I serve a God that does not force us to behave a certain way. I am glad that religion is not a thing that money can buy. If so, like Peter, Paul and Mary once sang, “If religion was a thing that money could buy, the rich would live and the poor would die” It gives me great privilege to say, my soul anchors in the Lord.
When I started writing the Story of Elnora, it was not for sharing. The story of Elnora is not a religious story. In spite of the fact her mother and father insisted she attend church every Sunday, It was only common practice for people of that generation who wanted a better life to get it by attending church. The story of Elnora gives a glimpse of life for Black folk during the 40’s, 50’s, and early 60’s Many young Blacks do not know what life for Blacks was actually like. I can say that as a matter of fact by the questions I am asked by some of our young visitors at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. All of us did not have the same experiences. Some Blacks during that area were people of wealth, some were poor and some were middle class.
The story of Elnora tells a tale about a little ordinary Colored girl whose formative years were formed just before the civil rights movement kicks off. Our lives as a race of people did not abruptly terminate with slavery nor did it abruptly commence in the sixties with the Active Civil Rights Movement. Most of what I have written about Elnora is make believe. However, Elnora is also the actual experiences of my own and other people. Just as Elnora, I too was a nosey little girl. I was often getting myself in trouble due to my inability to control my thoughts and behavior.
I have been told one’s thoughts control everything about you. It controls our physical as well as our spiritual and social well-being. As a man thinketh so is he. You may be as wise as Solomon, but we must not lean to our own understanding. We must study the word of God. For those who don’t believe, (Elnora is not just for believers) there is a God. His way is the way of truth. Read the story of Elnora and share some of your stories with me.

Happy Days are Here Again!

After  many, many,  many attempts  to  be on my way  to become  publish, I have finally  arrived.

When I first started writing, a little more than fifty years ago, it was not for publication.  At that time, it was  only for making fun Of fairy tales. After my children were born,  I gave the old fairy- tales a new  twist. I must admit I was wrong. When you have something tried and true, don’t mess with it. This week I became a published author. Hip,hip hurrah! Its time to  pat myself on the back. Children are not so much interested In fairy tales any more, but they are interested in Sci-fi.

When I was a child, we had Super-Man and Bat-Man. Later there were Spider-Man, The Hulk,  Iron-Man  and others. However, there was a problem. There names all ended with M A N.  Marvel Comic decided to rectify that problem by giving us Wonder-woman, Cat-woman. Super-girl and maybe a few Others. They all still had a problem. They were all Caucasoids.  Marvel Comics decided to create the Black Panther.

Now it Is Time to meet FANTASIA, a black super herione.  After seeing The Black Panther, I wrote  her. The book Is called “The Humaniods” by Carrie Foxx Ware. You can find “The Humanoids” on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Books a Million or wherever books are sold.


Who Let The Dogs Out?

A couple or more months ago, my street had more dogs roaming free  than the law allows. They went up and down the street turning over garbage cans.  All of them were young and you could  just say shoo, shoo and they would run away. Of course, you were left   responsible for cleaning up the mess.  As time pass, they grew older and less afraid of people.  Shoo, shoo was not enough to make them leave your garbage alone. One day, I saw one of the dogs attempting to reach my garbage on a special bench my husband built before the accident. I went out on my porch and yelled Shoo, Shoo. The dog looked at me as if to say who are you shooing.  After that incident, I didn’t see them anymore.  Evidently, they were annoying someone else. Possibly, someone called the Humane Society and had most of the dogs picked up.

Before they were born,  I would often leave my garbage on my porch at night and the next morning on my way out I would take it to the garbage bench. That was working  fine me. Since my retirement, I have noticed, it takes a little more time for me to do some of the things I once did quickly.

One day I received a text from a friend saying they had been by my house. This friend had no idea my doorbell had a camera on it. This was not a friend known for truth. I was checking the camera for the truth and discovered two dogs had been on my porch. According to their demeanor,  it appeared they had been there before. They went straight to the conner were I would put the garbage bags. Later I saw one of the dogs and recognized him as one of the dogs on my porch. Of course,  at that time I could only tell the owner his dog was free roaming the street. It had a collar on and appeared to be well fed.  Well fed, collar or not, if one loves his dog, keep him/her  inside the fence.  Someone might accidentally run over him. Then again, some unethical person might kidnap the dog.

Love your dog;  feed your dog, keep him/her inside your fence. When you want to take him/her out,  keep your dog on a leash,  take him/her  regularly to the veterinarian.  If you don’t want to bred your dog, have him/her spaded. This shows you care. Then no one will need to ask,  “Who let the dogs out”?

Do We Still Need Black History?

Do we need a day, week, or  month set aside to study Black History?  Historians see the argument as pro and con. Some say there is a need regardless of what programs are put in place. Others auguramentively disagree. They auguementively believe Black History should be a part of American History Books. All of our outstanding achievements makers should just be integrated into the  fabric of the American History already  in existence.

Looking back over my life I can see how we as a nation have evolved. Just finishing high school is a milestone for many African Americans.  A significant portion of successful career planning for all races is having the skills that are in demand once the training is completed.  There lies the rub. Many high paying jobs often go to the relatives and friends of the employers. More than likely they are White.  It doesn’t matter how prepared the African American might be.  Many Blacks  who can produce significant worth to our nation are not permitted do so because of their skin color.  Many of our inventions have been given to other races. Then, there are those who in spite of their skin color, made it. They too are omitted in the traditional American History Books.

One would think, we as a race of people have contributed little or nothing to the success of our country.  Originally, most of our inventions were not recorded. That is the reason Black History day, week or month is necessary.

Others say, this is true. That is why the history books must change. All children must know we are great contributors.  The world must give due recognition  to all of the United States contributors.

Both sides make a great point.  Black History is needed and our history books need changing.  As a nation, we will continue to be great when all of our citizens are included.  We  (as Blacks)  are great, not just in music, movies and dance.

Do WE Recognize Signs?

I was thinking back when my grand-daughter was three years old and still in kindergarten.  It was my day to pick her up after school. I decided that particular day was a good day to teach her the meaning of the traffic lights.

RED LIGHT, red light, what do you say?

I say stop and stop right away

YELLOW LIGHT yellow light, what do you mean?

I mean wait until the light turns green.

GREEN LIGHT, green light, what do you say?

I say GO, but first look both ways.

RED,YELLOW and GREEN, now I know what the traffic lights mean.

As we were riding along my grand-daughter started noticing other drivers.

With a perfectly air of disgust, she looked at me and said: the people in this city don’t know their signs and colors, Nana! I chuckled at what she said but I recognized there was a bit of truth in what she said.

Just the other day I was looking at the traffic light and thinking, it is a sign telling us when to go and when to stand still.  As Christians, we receive signs by reading the bible. It tells us when to go and when to stand still. Either the drivers don’t know their colors or they don’t recognize their meaning.  As christians , we want to go somewhere,  do something,  or get something and we don’t recognize the signs that God provides for us. The sign maybe GO and go right away. Then again the sign might say WAIT until I give you the green light. Then again the sign may say STOP and wait for a sign from me. Red, yellow and green, read your bible and know what the signs mean.

The Lord may give you a sign in a dream. In some instances the sign may come in a conversation.  The person talking may be unaware that he/she has just answered a prayer. Our physiologist  and our ministers are often helpful in working out our problems. They both ask questions to get to the root of the situation.  In the end, by saying the situation out loud in the presence of someone  else, we solve our own problem. I am not saying we don’t need the physiologist or the minister. We need them because the schools train the physiologist and the Lord trains ministers to ask the right questions. In some situations medications may be needed.  Whatever is needed, if we are in tune with the right signs, we will know when to stay, wait, or when to go.

Thinking Back

Some of us can look back for a far distance. Some of us not so much. I have a long distance of time to ponder over.  My parents would disagree with me. My Mom was 94 when she passed away and my dad was 104.  It doesn’t seem like it, however it has been 76 & 1/2 years for me. I have lived through some turbulent  times.  Then again, I can say I have lived through some happy times.  It’s all in the way you look at it. Some see the glass as half empty and others see the glass half full.

When I was a little girl we sang a song in elementary school call “Fa la la la”. The song says

Some think the world is made for fun and foley, and so do I.  And so do I.

Some think it is wise to be all melancholy. To pine and sigh, to pine and sigh.

But  I , I love to spend my time in singing. Some joyous song, some joyous song.

To set the air with music gayley ringing. it’s far from wrong. It’s far from wrong

Harken, harken, music sounds afar. Harken, harken, music sounds afar. Tra la la la.

Tra la, la , la. Tra la, la, la. Joy is everywhere tra la la la la la la la.

Give away some of your sunshine these cold winter months. Tra la la la. Tra la la la.

Don’t forget to send your stories to me.

WARE700@brighthouse.com or call me @ 205-983-7041


Happy New Year!

I have been told that 2020 is going to be a great year!  We certainly  hope foxxtales.net is just what the doctor ordered  to make that happen. There will be more fairy-tales for the younger readers as well as other little tidbits for  older readers.  If you have an interesting  story you would like to share, please email it to me at WARE700@brighthouse.com. It would be a pleasure for us to publish your work.

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One More Week!

We will return next week.!!!!!


We shall continue

For the last couple of weeks we have been interrupted

Hopefully,   we can return very soon  to

our regular schedule.

Thanks for your patience.

Carrie(Moma) Ware







Reread some of the fairytales you have read before.  The story I worked on had so many different interesting  twist in developing, I couldn’t make up my mine how to develop  the story.  Reread some of the old stories.  See you next week!!!

Part 3: The Beavers

Using her tail to navigate, Betty made it over to Bill. Betty ask: Honey, is anything wrong?  Bill answered sadly: I didn’t want the other Beavers to think I was a wimp.  I have been stuck in this thicket patch since morning.  I thought at first I could get out of this situation by myself. Everyone else was so busy no one noticed me immediately. The kids kept coming over to pile more and more brush and sticks on my tail. I couldn’t get lose. I tried biting myself out. That didn’t work. My head was too far away from the briar thicket.

I’ve been here before you saw me early this morning. In fact, I was the first Beaver to start work on the dam. I was too embarrassed to ask for help. Betty said: oh honey, you should have ask for help. The other Beavers wouldn’t have mind.  All the girls thought you were a lazy Beaver. I’ll go get you help.

While Betty was gone for help Bill thought “sure they did. I knew Betty would eventually come over. I was hoping the two of us could get me out without the knowledge of anyone else”.

However, to Bill’s discomfort, all the Beavers came over to help. One old Beaver noticed Bill was not in a briar patch. He was caught in some bob wire thrown in the water by a careless boater.  A human, being carelessly and wastefully had thrown wire in the water. That is why we need laws to protect us. Soon all of the other Beavers helped free him. We need a Beaver like “Yogi Bear” on our side. Bill had help from even the little Beavers.

Betty said: Ladies, you were wrong about my man! He is a smart, cleaver Beaver! I was always on his side. It is better to be on the right side of wrong than to be on the wrong side of right. The children yelled, hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray!