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PROLOGUE:  The story about Elnora
By: Carrie Bennett Foxx Ware

I am Carrie Bennette Foxx Ware. My husband, now deceased was Richard Lee Ware. I am the mother of two boys. The eldest, now deceased.  Richard Dishon Ware and his brother Gerald DeVaughn Ware were born one year and two months apart.
I am a true child of God. It is sometimes easy for women my age to say they have lived godly lives. At seventy-one people expect you to say: I have done everything out there to do. Now I will live for Christ. That is not my testimony. I was born into a Christian home. Both parents were Christians. I am not perfect but I have always endeavored towards the mark of high calling. I cannot say I have arrived there yet. But, I am striving toward the mark of high calling. I can truthfully say it is the free gift of our Lord that has allowed me to be a witness for him.

There are those who maintain the theory that one can pray all they desire to, but when it comes down to the truth, the world has the upper hand. Not so, reading the Bible daily will place your will in the hands of God’s will. I guarantee His “will” will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Many things I said and did as a child and as an adult, I wish I had not said or done.

I am glad I serve a God that does not force us to behave a certain way. I am glad that religion is not a thing that money can buy. If so, like Peter, Paul and Mary once sang, “If religion was a thing that money could buy, the rich would live and the poor would die” It gives me great privilege to say, my soul anchors in the Lord.
When I started writing the Story of Elnora, it was not for sharing. The story of Elnora is not a religious story. In spite of the fact her mother and father insisted she attend church every Sunday, It was only common practice for people of that generation who wanted a better life to get it by attending church. The story of Elnora gives a glimpse of life for Black folk during the 40’s, 50’s, and early 60’s Many young Blacks do not know what life for Blacks was actually like. I can say that as a matter of fact by the questions I am asked by some of our young visitors at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. All of us did not have the same experiences. Some Blacks during that area were people of wealth, some were poor and some were middle class.
The story of Elnora tells a tale about a little ordinary Colored girl whose formative years were formed just before the civil rights movement kicks off. Our lives as a race of people did not abruptly terminate with slavery nor did it abruptly commence in the sixties with the Active Civil Rights Movement. Most of what I have written about Elnora is make believe. However, Elnora is also the actual experiences of my own and other people. Just as Elnora, I too was a nosey little girl. I was often getting myself in trouble due to my inability to control my thoughts and behavior.
I have been told one’s thoughts control everything about you. It controls our physical as well as our spiritual and social well-being. As a man thinketh so is he. You may be as wise as Solomon, but we must not lean to our own understanding. We must study the word of God. For those who don’t believe, (Elnora is not just for believers) there is a God. His way is the way of truth. Read the story of Elnora and share some of your stories with me.

What Should We Do?

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The Sad Hawk

It was a dark and dismal  summer’s night. The darkness was so thick, poor Hawk couldn’t  see his own wings. He could only hear them  flopping  wildly  in the heat of the night.   Thick  dark clouds covered the sky.  Not a star could be seen for miles around. Hawk was exhausted. He was trying to fly with the eagles but they kept going higher and higher and faster and faster. Poor Hawk could not keep up and eventually lost his way.  He was so tired trying to keep up, he decided to stop at an old oak tree he managed to spot buried  deep in the foliage of  the forest floor. In the next tree over he heard a strange voice saying Poor Hawk, Poor, Poor Ha

. Hawk looked over and saw an owl. Hawk said: Mr. Owl, is that you saying Poor Hawk, Poor

 Poor Hawk?  Mr. Owl answered: yes, it is I. Hawk ask: why are you saying that? You don’t know me.  Owl replied: I don’t know you, but I know your kind.  You left home. You wanted a quick  start  on your own. The Eagles quickly identified you as wanting too much too soon. They Know Hawks are Swift  but Eagles are swifter. They advised you to disown your  parents and make a life for yourself.

Foolishly  you followed their advise.  Even when your parents are wrong , never disown them nor tell others they are mentally unbalanced. Remember the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Soon they will put it out that you are unbalanced too. Eagles will pretend to be your friend as long as you have something to offer them. When everything is spent, they will give you no pity.  They will fly higher and higher, faster and faster and then laugh in your face. Go home Hawk. You are always loved at home no matter how far you roam.

Hawk went home to find his parents well. He discovered the eagles had lied to him to get him to do what they wanted him to do.  Hawk learned a lesson. Everything that glitters is not gold and everything  that sounds exciting is not as exciting as it might sound.

Did You Know?

In some instances, when the goings get tough (tuff), the tough (tuff) gets going. Not always!!! There have been occasions when the goings got tough (tuff) and the lying started flowing. The tough hung around to see what the outcome was going to be. Run if you have done wrong. Run if you are about to get in hot waters when untruths are about to be told. Run when you walk blindly into a situation that no one told you exactly what the situation demand.
NBC has a program, “The More You Know”. Sometimes knowing is helpful, then again sometimes knowing can be harmful. It all depends on what it is you know. There are times you know something that you don’t know you know. That’s when people often expose themselves to everyone thinking someone knows something that they actually don’t know. At that juncture it becomes a catch 22-22 thing. Is it 22-22 or 20-20-? I don’t know!! I don’t care!!! I do find it a little amazing that I find it funny that someone thinks I have information I do not have. Apparently, it is information I don’t care to have. If I did not read it in the bible, you can be sure I will not repeat it.
When I was working, often I would be ask, have you heard this or that. Even if I had heard it, I would not repeat it. I realize now, some friends were trying to be helpful. They believed the lie as a truth.
On my Daddy’s letter head he always had this quote ” Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”. Deliver me from small minded people. I will always strive to have a “great mind”.

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I too was pleasantly surprise. I had no idea The Humanoids would be so popular. I can’t say it is not a pleasant surprise. Many children, young and older adults seem to enjoy FANTASIA. The color of FANTASIA makes no difference. Her kindness and her ability to emphasize with any living creature makes her lovable. She only takes sides with right and justice. The main criticism people have had, they wanted to know more about FANTASIA. When the second addition comes out, you will be more informed about her character. However, reading about Carrie and how she designed FANTASIA from a science experiment is not essential to part two.
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Did You Know?

Did you know “The Humanoids” is a series? It is like opening yourself to a whole new world. Many of your comic books are series. The first book introduce you to Fantasia. The second book gives Fantasia more action. There after, she does more and more fantastic things. Just be ready to receive Fantasia in book ii in the series. I promise you, you will not regret it.
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Last night, Jefferson County, Birmingham, Alabama experienced a big scare. We were under a tornado watch. We were already under the coronavirus pandemic watch. The two watches made many of us feel a little neurotic.

The weatherman announced Central Alabama, Jefferson County and Birmingham, Alabama were all caught up in the tornado watch. Before he could finish that sentence,  another sentence rolled off of  his tongue.  People in the Airport, Maple Grove and a bunch of other  areas nearby needed to take immediate cover. I decided to go downstairs and get in my safe place. I live in the Maple Grove  Area.  No lives were lost, thank God. However, you could tell a tornado had gone through.

Before the Governor announced it was mandatory  for everyone to stay in, I stayed put. However, the next day, after the tornado watch was over, I went out. I had no choice.  It was something I could not take care of over the phone.  After I completed my business, I started home.  I barely made it. Trees were down everywhere.  A little squirrel staggered across the street. My heart went out to him. I thought “oh, you poor dear. You must have the virus”.

When I walked into the house a scammer called. He wanted to sale me a vacation package. I did not listen to see where I would go, since the entire world is on a lock down. I thought all businesses had closed down. Like a Sunday School Teacher years ago told me “everything takes a vacation with the exception of temptation” ( satan).  I think scammers must have the same motto.

Perhaps, when all of this has passed, we will all look back at these days and give a big laugh.

Here you are!,

Yesterday I went to my mailbox. On my way, I  passed a thousand legged worm on my porch.  It was trying to get into my house. I’m sure the worm didn’t know I had placed myself on a self   impose quarantine. If the Thousand legged Worm had known, I’m sure he would  not have wanted to come in. I’m tired of staying in isolation.   I value my freedom.

The world is a strange  place to be. Until a cure or  some type of Medicine  to slow down The corovarius epidemic is  discovered,  I will be inside.  This virus Is a killer,  Many Of our young people feel they were  immuned. Now we Know that Is not true. We all have the  abillity to infect each other.  Today my Pastor ( who Is now my Bishop , said: only our Faith will get us through. His sermon was on Faith>fear.)  Of course we are to obey  the  rules of our city, state  and our federal governments.

You feel It Is similar  to the time you were in your parent’s house.   If you said mother, mother, may I go out t o play? She would say, no my child. I’m afraid you will stay.  Of course, we would not.  Today the young people on the beaches beleive themselves invincible.

They are determed to play as long as they want to. Not realizing they are putting themselves in danger as well as others. The thousand legged worm did not Know better. Those Of us who do, let us be considerate  of others.

The Humanoids by Carrie Foxx Ware

 A young named Carrie creates a robot for a science fair that has superior human knowledge and decision making abilities with the help of Artificial Intelligence.  She soon learns the dangers of creating such a powerful android friend once her robot FANTASIA learns of her teacher’s plot to have her disassembled. Click on the link above(book cover) to purchase this wonderful journey created by the author Carrie Foxx Ware sure to be enjoyed by the whole family. CLICK ON THE BOOK to purchase at AMAZON!


The Missing Dad

I miss that dog said mother dog.  All of her puppies missed him too. Sonny, the first puppy to come out said: I’m going to find our Dad. Do any of you want to go with me? BoBo the second puppy said I’ll go with you. Ray Ray, the third puppy out said: I’ll go too.  Sonny  tried to warn them of the danger in the streets. People were driving crazy and dog catchers were on the prowl. They were strays with no collars.  The streets were a dangerous place to be.  Sonny told all the other puppies to stay put and protect their mother.

The three puppies began their journey. They trouted  proudly all around town looking  in every  possible crack and conner. They looked in every junk yard and every train yard in town.  They can sincerely say they looked everywhere they thought their father could be. When the sun went down, sadly they started home. On their way home, Sonny decided to take the short cut.  The tails of Sonny, BoBo and Ray Ray stood straight.  They heard a familiar bark.  FATHER they all shouted gleefully.  They peeped through a crack in the fence and saw their Dad all tied up.  A little boy caught him and tied him up.  Ray Ray said: I knew it! If father could get away, he would.  Sonny said: we are just going to figure a way to help.

When the sun went down and the moon came up, Sonny,  BoBo  &  Ray Ray strolled into the yard and tried to free their Dad.  Their Dad was asleep.  As they started to chew on the rope, their Dad woke up.  Dad said:  boys!, what are you doing here? Sonny said: Dad, we are here to free you and bring you home. Dad said: Don’t do that. I’ve found happiness here. I’m fed everyday. They take me to the Vet.  They deworm me and they promise to take me to dog groomer once a month. Ray Ray started to cry as he ask: What about us? Dad, you don’t love us anymore? Bo Bo and Sonny told their Dad how hard it was for them since he left that morning to find food for the family. Mother missed him too.

When their Dad realized how selfish it would be if he stayed there with the new folk and allowed his  family to suffer,  Dad told his boys to chew on. He was going home.


Don’t Forget To Reread!

I am working on something special for my young readers. During the month of February so much is going on. February is the month of Love, Presidents’ Day, Black History Month, Veterans Day, Groundhog Day and the start of Mardi Gras. It is the shortest month in the year, yet packed with so many holidays.

If you have not already ordered your copy of “The Humanoids” by Carrie Foxx Ware, LifeRich Publishing Company, do so today. I have discovered there are many books named “Humanoids”,  however, there is only one LifeRich Publishing Company with an author name Carrie Foxx Ware. I started to include my middle name “Bennette”,  then I discovered there are hundreds of “Bennette’s”.  I assumed I was unique, however, I am afraid I am not. All kinds of new and different things have shone up.


Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen,  always remember me, Carrie Bennette Foxx Ware. Friday night, February 21, 2020, here in Birmingham, Alabama, we were honored with a imposture concert of Micheal Jackson. He sang one of Micheal’s songs Billy Jean. To paraphrase the song, I am not the one. I want all of you to remember ” I am The One” especially who wrote  the sequel to “Fantasia, The Humanoid”  I guarantee less errors. By the way-her name is Fantasia Belle.