5 Tips on Writing a Quality Article

Quite often article marketers find the writing process difficult since they tend to get bogged down following a lot of technical advice. Writing articles however is actually just the process of sharing your thoughts or ideas with people and should not be made complicated. Discover 5 writing strategies that will keep the process simple making writing easier for you and the reading more enjoyable for others.

Considering all the various tips on writing articles you may have read or heard probably the best are those that keep things simple. Sometimes the writing process can get all bogged down by you trying to implement needless advice you have been given. When you sit down to write an article keep your mind clear of everything except what it is you intend to say. Writing articles is not a science nor is it an art form but rather a conversation where you share your thoughts with readers. Beyond that there is no worthwhile reason to complicate the writing process with any other dazzling advice.

Here are 5 simple writing strategies that will make the writing and reading of your articles easier and more enjoyable for both you and your readers.

Have a Point to be Made

When you sit down to write an article it is always helpful to have an idea or point you are interested in sharing with the readers. Firstly this will make the writing process flow smoother since you already know you want to talk about. It will also make for a more enjoyable read being there is a definite point to your article.

Some writers struggle because their primary motivation is more about traffic generation and less about making a point or sharing an idea. Writing articles this way will result in much time being spent staring at a blank computer screen.

Get to the Point

Be clear in what it is you are trying to say by addressing the intentions of your content in the opening paragraph. Many readers, if they are unable to understand what your content will be all about early on, will simply leave the page. State your intentions early and concern yourself with fully making your point later on in the content. Leaving them in suspense only works in novels!

Speak Directly

Avoid ‘practicing your excellent vocabulary’ when writing articles. People want to EASILY understand what it is they are reading. Compose your articles so that EVERYBODY understands what you are saying. Make a point to edit out any words that can be substituted with easier to understand and/or shorter words.

Keep Sentences & Paragraphs Short

Avoid large blocks of text in your articles by focusing on keeping both your sentences and paragraphs short. Firstly readers generally scan articles initially when they land on a page. Seeing long paragraphs will generally make them hesitant to ‘dive’ into the content.

Secondly when sentences are ‘crammed’ together in long paragraphs it becomes stressful on the eyes. Create plenty of space for readers to ‘rest’ their eyes by keeping paragraphs short and margins narrow.

Eliminate ‘Word Padding’

Comb through your work and eliminate any words that are not needed to get your point across. Also take notice of areas where you may repeat a point or perhaps deliver the same point differently. If these instances are not needed or intendedFeature Articles, edit them out of your article. Try to focus on your subject and be conscious of not drifting away onto some other unrelated tangent.

Some of the best tips on writing that you can hear are those that aim to keep the writing process simple. All you need to consider when you write an article is what you have to say and how you want to say it. Writing articles is simply a ‘sharing’ of thoughts or information. Once you have completed the article let it sit for a while than go back and ‘modify’ it in a way that will make it easier to read. The 5 writing strategies we reviewed above serve as a guideline for making both the writing and reading of the article easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.


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