About Me

I am a widow and a mother of one son. In looking over my formative years, I can clearly see the events that shaped my life.  I am a true child of God.  A godlike character does not happen by chance. One must put  forth effort to make that achievement. Mostly what we have is the free gift of God. I can not say I have arrived there yet. However, I am striving each day. What I can say for a truth, I am striving toward the mark of high calling. There are those who maintain the theory that one can pray as much as they please, but the world has the upper hand. Not so! reading the Bible daily will place your will in the hands of God’s will. I guarantee His “will” will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Many things I said and did as a child and as an adult I wish I had not said or done. Words are so easily spoken, but a prayer without the faith, is like a boat without an oar. God answers all prayers. Just remember sometime the answer is no!