Again I say: All Lives Matter!

I was criticized for saying “All Lives Matter”. What others did not understand, I did not say “Black Lives” did not matter. My intentions were not to diminish the worth of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Now, there is proof that the media does not publish evidence of missing or sexually abused Black Women and Children to the extent that they report other races. Shame on you media! Women and children have been mistreated for ages. This morning, I read Genesis 22-24. Issac needed a wife. His wife should not, according to his father, be taken from the country where they were living. His father sent his servant to the country of his birth. He was to find a wife among his kinsmen for his son, Issac.
In some countries, that custom continues even today. However, according to the “Black Lives Matter Movement” and the “Women Movement”, that custom is unacceptable. The question that should be addressed is a custom relevant today.   Today, yesterday, always, “All Lives Matter”.  Do “Black Lives Matter? Yes, Yes, Yes yes, Yes yes, Black Lives Matter! All Lives Matter.  Rebekah should have had some say in the marriage matter, but according to the Jewish customs at that time, she did not. American culture would also have a problem with the customs of marrying your father’s brother child. Today that would be called incest.
That is the reason some atheist have a problem with the Bible. It simply records what happened not what should have happened. If our Lord and Savior had done everything for us, mankind would live in paradise on earth. There are a few things we must discover for ourselves. He sent His son as a sacrifice for us. The veil was torn. Old laws were dismissed and Jesus’s death established new laws.

The women’s movement would have a problem with the custom of having more than one wife. In those days men could have an additional woman called a  concubine. Godly men could have as many concubines as they wished or could afford. Today men still do. They are called mistress.  I am not sure why any woman then or now would want to be a mistress. Some women have low self-esteem. Some women are after the money and still, there are those who have foolishly convinced themselves they are going to get the man.  Then there are some women who do.

Those who think that one particular human or animal’s life is more important than another, they are wrong! Again I say “all lives matter”!

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