An Old Fashion Chit Chat

There are many days I sit at my computer not knowing what to write.  However,  the minute I sit down something comes to me. It can be a story I heard or wrote  as a child or something I have seen or even something I have heard on the streets or TV.

It is interesting how your love comes alive the minute you make up in your mind to do it. Some people who love quilt making  usually work from a pattern. It can be one that they designed themselves or one that they purchased.  Then,  there are others armed with only a love for quilt making who just sit at their quilt maker and come up with a beautiful idea. That is called a true love or passion for something.

Many of you know of my car accident. Since that time, I have left off my love of the piano or any musical instrument.  I have been inclined to do whatever seemed easy to me. Today, it has been just a little over thirteen years since the accident. I have decided to no longer use my piano as a piece of furniture that needs dusting.  From this day forward, I will try to reunite my heart, fingers and spirit with my piano.

Those of you who are of a certain age, remember the days when our parents or a  favorite aunt or uncle covered their furniture with plastic. In those days furniture was to be kept for as lifetime. It had to be protected because it had to last forever. It was your family’s private museum piece of art. Well, no longer. Children jump up and down on the family furniture. People no longer have living rooms. Now people have family rooms were popcorn is left on the couch and soda is spilled on the floor. Furniture is no longer a sacred museum of art. Piano , here I come! Ready or not, here I come!

My advice,  if you have put something away that was a true love or a  passion in the past, pick it up again. You may discover you still like it. That is my story and I am sticking to it!

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