An open letter to the President

My intentions were not to make this public when I sat down to vent my feelings. After getting my frustrations out I decided I should send my letter to the President. Then, I told myself he will never read it. At that time I decided to make this an open letter.
Dear Mr. President,
I listened carefully to your state of the union speech. I have the highest respect for you and your office. I agreed with the majority of the speech, however, I hope you will be careful in renewing relationships with Cuba. Our old methods may not have been very good. However, let us not forget Nikita Khrushchev stood on the desk at the United Nations. In 1962 he declared “We will bury you!”. I realize that was a long time ago. But I bet you Putin has not forgotten how President Kennedy embarrassed the Russians. I was in New Orleans at the time Nikita Khrushchev sent tanks to Cuba. I remember the Cuban Crises. At that time, all of America was very afraid. Fidel Castro’s brother is in power now. He is more conspiratorial than his brother. I am aware of the fact your staff has more inside knowledge than I have. I am just pointing out what most Americans my age are thinking. We are the old. You are of the new age. Trust must begin somewhere. The only thing I hope, we are not the only ones doing the trusting.
Boris Yeltsin was a little too close to Mikhail Gorbachev for the American Public to take him too serious as a reform good guy. All I want to say is neither Raul Castro nor Vladimir Putin has forgotten. We must have a policy in place, just in case they are not sincere.
NBC News reported Vladimir Putin is sending tanks to Cuba. We may be jumping to conclusion. Putin may send tanks to Cuba because Cuba and Russia don’t trust us.
I have something to report that might change your mind about me and my speculations. There are those who think I am a complete idiot. What I am about to reveal may make you think the same. I am an old woman as you can tell, I remember the Cuban Crises. However, I have friends much older. At first, I thought I was just becoming senile. Then I began to read in social media that what I was thinking was real. This did not begin recently. It started years ago. In Birmingham, Alabama, as in many other southern cities and states, our income and thus standard of living does not match up with the rest of the nation. Because of that, some of our people will grab on to anything that promises a way of catching up to the rest of the nation.
In Alabama and other southern states especially, the powers that be have started demonizing their own citizenry. I wanted to know what was going on and I stuck my head in a little too far. I was targeted as a cougar. It would not be so humorous if it were true. When it was discovered they had made a mistake, it was just simply said I was senile. It would be amusing if it did not disrupt lives. When I would not go alone with their nonsense, my credit was stolen. I became a victim of identity theft. Some of my own bad decisions plummet my score. I have been treated as a poor person. I have been categorized as one unable to pay her bills. In some cases that has been true. I am not the only one. If this continues, the Communist, Isis, and whoever will not have a hard time destroying our nation. We, the ones screaming freedom, freedom, freedom, will do it for them.
Of course you are aware of this gentleman calling for anyone who has a little money to take it out of American Banks. If everyone commences to do that our Banks will declare bankruptcy. Now I am sounding like a pessimistic person. I sound like a person who sees shadows lurking around every Conner. Perhaps I am sharing the obvious. I don’t know. All I am completely sure of, I am hurting by the state of our economy. Whether some of it is because of my own personal mistakes or the mistakes of others forced on me. I am aware the President does not have the proclivity nor does his schedule permit him to read all communications he receives from ordinary citizens. Whoever reads this letter let the President know we are one hundred per cent behind him. We only wish he would make all decisions prayerfully. Our desire is that he goes out as triumph ally as he came in.

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