And The Beat Goes On

This story is a sequel to the story of King Rudy.

And The Beat Goes On
Old Owl thought his duty had been completed. He had saved the people from utter destruction. He thought his mission was accomplished and he could go on about his duties unnoticed. That was the wrong thing to think. Far from the truth, King Rudy told all of his subjects he had saved them from the fire. He returned just in time to open the doors and let them out. King Rugy had always been a believable King and all of his subjects believed him. That was not the truth. Old Owl was a little unhappy about this revelation but it did not upset him too much. After all, his real objective was a secret. He was not clear as to what he was expected to do. He just knew he had been sent there for a purpose. His Purpose was not to hurt anyone, rather to show the inhabitants of the jungle how to reach their goal without causing pain to the other inhabitants.
Their way caused pain and even death to anyone who opposed them.

Their secret was out! A number of unethical members of the jungle used those methods in a rash of misguided choices. Their secret, was a secret no longer. It was not Old Owl’s fault. The secret was out long before Old Owl got there.
Old Owl needed King Rudy and his beautiful Queen Stella to realize there was a betrayal on his team.

To be continued

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