Are Old Goats Animals Too?

Farmer Brown had an old goat. It was a faithful old goat. She was a goat that Farmer Brown could always depend upon. Without so much as an unkindly murmur, she cleaned his yard by eating trash, wild weeds, and unruly grass. She faithfully gave the farmer cheese, milk and butter each day. Never did she require anything of value of the farmer but she did wonder within her own mind why the farmer often overlooked her.
Each day the farmer went to his barn to see his animals. He whispered sweet, sweet nothings in the ears of his best-beloved horse. Whenever the State Farmers had their Capital City Parade, they would ask the farmer to show off one of his most beloved farm animals. The farmer always showed off one of his horses or some other farm animal. Not once did the farmer choose the goat.
Year after year the farmer choose the same prancing filly. The goat decided I’ve been a little too self-centered. She thought: The farmer has so much on his mind he has just forgotten he has an old dependable goat. I will do something outstanding and he will notice I’m here. The goat thought and thought. What will I do that is different from that prancing filly? The goat practiced doing a different fancy gig from the one the prancing filly did. The goat only made herself look silly. Other animals in the barn house felt sympathy for Old Goat, however, there was nothing they could do.
The cow told her: He doesn’t need you. I give him milk, cheese, butter and on a few occasions I have eaten the grass. Not only that, my milk is sweeter than yours. Boy, did that make old goat feel low? In spite of everything the old goat heard she remained faithful. The old goat told herself: My day will come. Just you watch and see. Then low and behold her day did come. During the summer, engineers came and destroyed the forest near the farm. Wild reindeer often came to the forest near the farm for food during the winter. No forest, no reindeer! When the authorities from the Farmer’s Capital City Parade came and asked the farmer to get some reindeer for the Christmas Parade, the farmer had none to get. The authorities said that is ok, just give us some small horses. We will place fake antlers on their head. The problem with that, the farmer had no small horses.
Sadly the Authorities went away. The farmer hung his head in shame because he thought he could offer the Farmer’s Authorities nothing. As he placed his hat on his head and slowly walked away, the old goat said Baaaaa. A light went off in the farmer’s head. He asked the goat: You want some antlers on your head? Old goat turned to her companions and said: Come on compadres, this is our time to shine.
The moral of the story is: Don’t overlook anyone. You never know who you might need one day.

The End

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