At This Time In My Life


At This Time In My  Life

I have teased you with tales concerning  getting married again. It was February 25, 2006, we were on our way to Tuskeege, Alabama to my Mom’s Memorial when my husband and son were killed in  an automobile accident. Before now, I have not been serious about getting married again. After my birthday,  the 21st of July; I thought  maybe, perhaps, possiblely, it could happen.

I have a screening crew. If you pass them, you may call.  My screening crew consist of my son and his wife; my grandchildren, my nices and nephews, my great nices and nephews, my sister and my brother, my Meals on Wheels folk, my Prayer Team, my Greeters Team and my volunteer co-volunteers at the Civil Rights Institute.  If They all agree, I’ll see you.  They have my back and I have their back. If some how, we all miss the boat of having each others back, then we are all screwed.

The only requirements I have are that you are a learner, lover, and one who loves to laugh.

1. Learner = Learn to forgive

2.  Lover= Love Like it’s your last day on the planet (Don’t be a hater)

3.  Laugh=Because laughter is the medicine of Life.


Looking forward to meeting you. See you soon.  I’ve discovered I Am not as autarkical as I once thought.










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