Can I Be A Winner?

From time to time, we declare ourselves the winner.  Everybody loves a winner. However, if you win all the time it makes the game less interesting.  No one wants to go see the outcome of a game that is fixed regardless of the reason. If the game is fixed, some one is going to be angry.  When it is not fixed and you are wining on your own merit, in a case like that, the loser will be unjustified in their anger.   Tiger Woods said it best “A game is more interesting when one person does not win all of  the time”.  My brother-in-law,  Hycall Brooks Jr. (who is now deceased) was the champion checker player in Macon County, Alabama. He was so good that other checker players were afraid to play him. They were good players, but he was extremely good.  Everyone knew when he took his chair, what the outcome was going to be. Now, perhaps others have a chance. There may have been others who could have beat him, but fear stopped them.

No one but Jesus is perfect. That is why one might hear a christian say  “I am striving to be like Christ”.  My church sells T-shirts that say something to the affect  “No one is perfect just forgiven”

God sent his son because no human could step up to the challenge. Because he Lives, I can face tomorrow. Because he Lives, all fear is gone. I do not know what’s in the future. But I know who holds the future and I can face uncertain days because he Lives.

We may play games. We may be good at what we do. Everyone should know there is a master player who can beat each and every human on earth.  We can call on Our Father who art in heaven. We as gentiles are adopted children.  Christ was sent to this earth to save the Jews. Some of the Jews rejected him.  We (all gentiles) were adopted into his family. We have the same rights and privileges as any family member.

I shared with my prayer sisters a story I read in Our Daily Bread, about a clergyman prior to the Civil War witnessing a lynching. He was not perfect but he knew what he saw was wrong. Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and acknowledge what is right and not be with others who declare themselves the winner. Only those who follow CHRIST ARE  WINNERS.

See you next week

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