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A Slow Day

A Slow Day


One day last week, I went walking with a church friend. We walked on the sidewalk of a non enclosed shopping Center. We did a two mile walk. Afterwards, she asked if I was tried. Of course that was not unusual since I am in my seventies. She didn’t want to wear me out.

However, I have been blessed not to have any health issues. My genealogy is good. My mother lived to be ninety-four and my dad lived to be one hundred and four. I realize there is more time behind me than in front of me. None-the- less, I wonder if someone is aware of something I don’t know. Not too long ago someone mentioned, my age and I might decease and no one know my intentions. I thought, yes, that’s possible. Even though I am seventy-four, any one may decease and no one  know their intentions.  In spite of the fact, I do have both a regular will and a living will.  I was reminded by some one else I was no Halle Berry. I am not sure why I was being compared with Halle Berry.

Of course I am no Halle Berry. Like most women,when I was young, I was no Halle Berry. My only wish is when Halle Berry is seventy-four, her health is as good as mine. Maybe it was just a slow day for those persons advising me of my mortality. They had nothing better to say. According to my parents, I was their baby.  Maybe seventy-four is the new fifty-four.

Many of my high school and college friends have bit the dusk. That’s just the circle of life. None-the-less, many of my high school and college friends are still here and their children are gone. That too is the circle of life.

None of us can say for sure when death will forge its’ ugly head at our door. The best thing for all of us is to be ready for whatever tomorrow may bring.  The only way we can be sure we are ready is to do His will each day. The only way we will know His will is to read the word of God each day.  There is nothing wrong with listening to our teachers and preachers. Study the word of God for yourself and make it a part of your everyday life.  If you think that makes you a boring person, then you don’t know my God. The God I serve made the whole world and everything in it.  Afterwards, He said: It is good.

Today, I thought I had nothing to write about. I said to myself, this is a slow day.  All week it has been a slow week. I sat down and the words I wrote even  shock me. Sometimes a slow day is what is needed.

“He” Do You Know Him?

Saturday, March 11, 2017
“He”   Do You Know Him?

Sometime we are so successful in what we do we think God is with us even when we have left him. We tell others “God is watching you;” and He is. Not only is he watching the person you are speaking to, He is also watching you. Once I was sick and could not go to church, I watched a television ministry. The minister told a joke. These burglars broke into a house. They heard “God is watching you.” They stopped in their tracks until it was discovered a parrot was saying “God is watching you.” The burglars begin to laugh as they continued to burglarize the home.  They asked the parrot what is your name. The parrot politely answered my name is St. Peter. Then they asked the parrot; What kind of foolish people named their parrot St. Peter. The Parrot answered the same foolish people who named their Do-ber-man pinscher  God.



My husband sang” He”. Richard loved that song and it’s true.
He can turn the tides and calm the angry sea. You may be headed into a storm but for you, He turns the Tide and calm the angry sea. He alone decides who writes a symphony, play, poem or book. That’s why He allows us to have copyright laws. He lights every star that makes the darkness bright, Just as He knows the number of hair strains on our head; He knows every star in the galaxy by name.He lights them all. He keeps watch all through each long and lonely night.

He still finds the time to hear a child’s first prayer. When someone accuse you of acting childish, do not be offended. God hears the plea of the innocent. Saint or sinner calls and always finds Him there. Though it makes Him sad to see the way we live. He’ll always say, “I forgive.”

He can grant a wish or make a dream come true. If someone is jealous because you have received an unexpected blessing. That’s their problem. It is not yours. He can paint the clouds and turn the gray to blue. He alone knows where to find the rainbow’s end; Lucky charms, Lucky beads or Lucky People can’t help you. He alone can see what lies beyond the bend.

He can touch a tree and turn the leaves to gold; He knows every lie you and I have told. Even the little white ones that do not hurt anyone but get us out of trouble. Though it makes Him sad to see the way we live.
Yet, He’ll always say: “I FORGIVE.”

Part 7: LDDB


Part 7: LDDB

The doctor suggested they should wait a while. Maybe when she is older, after her parents have stimulated her more, Elladeebea will respond better.

A couple of more months went by. Now Elladeebea is a toddler. Meanwhile, the people of Meadowland are still saying she doesn’t behave at all like a toddler. She is not crawling, giggling, looking about or making noises of any kind. She is not even spitting like the other babies. The jolly Mayor steps up once more. The Mayor of the Village asks the good people of Meadowland to give the farm folk and their baby another chance. After all, babies do develop differently. It’s too soon to draw any conclusions yet. Let’s give them one more chance.

When all of the babies born on the same day as Elladeebea had their group first birthday party, the farmer and his wife showed up with Little Elladeebea in their arms not able to hold up her head. The Village folk became very angry. One citizen cried out; where’s that lying farmer and his wife? I’ve got a rope. Come on over here you loudmouth, bragging, obnoxious hypocrites. The farmer protested; No! No! Give us more time. You can’t take the lives of the parents of The Saving One! The not so jolly Mayor disputed the farmer. Sir, we are not so sure your little girl is The Saving One. She seemed to have gotten worst instead of better. She is not doing anything the other babies are doing. We expected Elladeebea to perform wonderful, phenomenon, supernatural happenings for our little village. The farmer insisted that the Mayor not forget the Soothsayer’s prediction of disaster if the saving one was not born. The mayor moaned because he found himself in a great predicament.  The Mayor thought for a moment then he softly spoke; yes, yes, I remember. Now you good people of Meadowland give this child another chance to prove herself to us.  Then, the mayor turned to the farmer and quibbled; my good man, I’m warning you, if something doesn’t happen soon, I won’t be able to control this crowd.

Now the farmer’s wife spoke up. Oh, dear husband, poor us! What are we to do?  Husband, I think we need to come clean before these people do something stupid! An angry villager replied; if you people have something to say. I suggest this is the time to say it. Calmly the wife revealed; our daughter is different. She is not like other babies. The brave Little Boy uttered; of course she is different. We always knew she would be. The farmer’s wife continued; what I mean is I’ve long suspected the soothsayer did not call my little girl Elladeebea.  The young man now with his wife and daughter asks; if her name is not Elladeebea then what is it? The farmer’s wife expressed her idea of what was said. I think he called out the initials LDDB. The daughter of the young couple asked her parents; what was wrong with the soothsayer? Why would he give her a name with only initials? The Brave Little Boy announced to the crowd he did seem to be giving out of breath. Then to Elladeebea mother he asks; well, what do they all mean?

The farmer’s wife put into words the letters LDDB. “L” is for lame. She will never walk. “D’ is for deaf. She will never hear. The other “D’” stands for dumb. She will never talk. The last letter “B” is for blind. She will never see. The crowd is speechless. The farmer steps up and conveyed his own suspicions and reminds the crowd they must not forget.  Remember, we did fulfill our promise to you. Everything the soothsayer said did come true.  There was a time of plenty and a time of destitution. Now don’t forget my wife was the only woman having a single birth.  After the birth of our little girl everything went back to normal. People no longer felt the need to hoard everything they had.  There was now trading, bartering and selling of goods. In fact, before we never sold outside our little village. We now have free commerce all over the world. People we were once afraid of are now our friends. Things are better. Out of tragedy- hope springs eternal. Her new name is HOPE!


The End