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A Letter to Christian Television

An Open Letter
To: Christian Television
I am so grateful to you for opening my eyes to that I already knew. Deep in my heart I knew I had to ask God for forgiveness. I was that spirit fill person that no one could tell much of anything because I knew I was full of the Holy Ghost and anybody who said anything different was just jealous and full of a bunch of lies. Just before Joyce Myers came on, another minister came on and talked about what blessing the Lord had for him when he decided it was a blessing to share. I didn’t have anything but a bunch of bills. I thought it would be nice if I offered them to God. Boy, did I not feel blessed? I would offer my bills to God. He would say “She is a wonderful person”! All of those bills. She has surrendered them all to me.
Then I could hear that minister and Joyce’s voice in the corners of my mind saying “That is not what we were saying”. Joyce was speaking on people who did not surrender everything to God. Hypocrites who probably road to the conference together that day thinking “I wish she would shut up”. The other person bragging about how the Lord favored them with a parking place and you are worried about how you are paying your next bill.  When you get out of the car and someone asks “How are you today”?  you reply “I am blessed and highly favored”. Thinking, I could be a lot more blessed and a lot more favored if my friend would just shut the hell up. For these and other chunks of truths shared from people I have learned to admire, I say thanks. For those who consistently watch Joyce, she did not say “hell”. I added that myself.
Not only must I admit I have not surrendered all of my time, talents and finances to God, but my quiet time has not been so quiet. Most of that time has been spent with me reminding God of my poor, helpless estate. While yet saying “He has regarded my helpless estate”. I am pretty sure He already knows. Just like the slaves sang “Po me, Po me, what’s gona become of Po me?” All of the Abraham Lincolns are gone. Lord, it is just you and me. Well, I can’t sing. I have had several surgeries. After each surgery my voice dropped an octave. Now I have no voice. Talents-I’m looking for that even as I write. Finances- we’ve discussed that. I have decided to try and handle that with the Lord’s help. Time- I have decided to not grumble so much when I pray. I am going to do more thanking. Thanking God for those things He has already done. If He does no more, give thanks. Christmas is great. We give thanks to the Lord for His son’s birth. Besides, I love Easter too. The fact He took the punishment for all of our sins which were many. He bore it all, our thoughts, words and deeds. As the ministers so effectively remind us “Oh give thanks unto the Lord for He is good, He is good.
Ministers, Evangelist and Christian Television all of you are amazing! Thanks for opening my eyes and reminding me  in all things give thanks. When our estate in life is good, give thanks! When all hades brake loss, give thanks!