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FEBRUARY, a month of truths

February, a month of truths

I have worked with Whites who have told me their parents taught them differently from what they have grown to know as truth. The Holocaust is a dark, dark part of the history of Germany. Slavery is a dark, dark part of the history of the United States As a people we cannot close our eyes and pretend it did not happen.
Some of our young Blacks think that injustic to the Black Race happened many years ago. That is totally untrue. That is not to say all Blacks are good people. That is certainly not true.
Neither should we sanctify the heroes and heroines of the human race. I read the story of Ann Frank and I also read the story of the ten Boom family. I have read many articles about Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King. Let us remember they were all very good people, but they were all people. For some of us they were Gods.
I am not saying any of this to puff myself up. According to Matthew 23:11 “But he that is the greatest among you shall be your servant; and whosoever shall exalt himself shall be humbled……..
All of the persons listed above are to be admired for putting their lives in danger for others. They faced troubles not only for themselves but for others. Each day I pray just to do God’s will. There will be trouble in all of our lives. Some have trouble that affects the lives of others more than others. Remember I said “when” trouble comes to all of us. I did not say “If” trouble comes. In spite of the fact we strive to live godly lives, trouble will raise his ugly face. However as a child of God, we will survive.
Some of us think we are smarter than God. We don’t need him to handle this little problem. My theory is take everything to God in prayer. In his arms He will take and shield you, you will find a solace there. We, as humans, have different problems. Our problem may exist because of our age. Others may have problems because they may be of a different religion Still others may be of a different race.Let us be careful when we talk about the good old days. When were they? certainly not during slavery or the years that followed. Perhaps the good old days were during the fifties or the sixties. As a people we were fighting for the right to vote. Maybe the babies born in the 2000’s will tell us when they grow up and fight for the right to be first class citizens. The “good old days” does not mean the same to every one.Before we join in saying we want to go back to the good old days; find out when they were.