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A Name Change

While searching for my website, I notice there were several websites name They were mostly pornography sites. They are not my site. I ask several of my friends for feedback. The response I was given shocked me. I have never written anything remotely similar to pornography nor will I ever will. What I write is geared toward children. Some of what I write, appeal to adults. Then again, some of what I write, appeal to all ages.
From this point on, I will stick to one genre. There will be a name change from to In that way, there will be no confusion about who I am or what I am all about. Sorry for the confusion. I am always Carrie Bennette Foxx Ware.
Parents if you think something I have written in the past is not appropriate for your child, read the article first, then allow your child to read under supervision. Or simply, do not allow your child to read it at all.
That will no longer be necessary. My game changer will be to stick with what I have done for years, fairytales.