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A Slow Day

A Slow Day


One day last week, I went walking with a church friend. We walked on the sidewalk of a non enclosed shopping Center. We did a two mile walk. Afterwards, she asked if I was tried. Of course that was not unusual since I am in my seventies. She didn’t want to wear me out.

However, I have been blessed not to have any health issues. My genealogy is good. My mother lived to be ninety-four and my dad lived to be one hundred and four. I realize there is more time behind me than in front of me. None-the- less, I wonder if someone is aware of something I don’t know. Not too long ago someone mentioned, my age and I might decease and no one know my intentions. I thought, yes, that’s possible. Even though I am seventy-four, any one may decease and no one  know their intentions.  In spite of the fact, I do have both a regular will and a living will.  I was reminded by some one else I was no Halle Berry. I am not sure why I was being compared with Halle Berry.

Of course I am no Halle Berry. Like most women,when I was young, I was no Halle Berry. My only wish is when Halle Berry is seventy-four, her health is as good as mine. Maybe it was just a slow day for those persons advising me of my mortality. They had nothing better to say.  According to my parents, I was their baby.  Maybe seventy-four is the new fifty-four.

Many of my high school and college friends have bit the dusk. That’s just the circle of life. None-the-less, many of my high school and college friends are still here and their children are gone. That too is the circle of life.

None of us can say for sure when death will forge its’ ugly head at our door. The best thing for all of us is to be ready for whatever tomorrow may bring.  The only way we can be sure we are ready is to do His will each day. The only way we will know His will is to read the word of God each day.  There is nothing wrong with listening to our teachers and preachers. Study the word of God for yourself and make it a part of your everyday life.  If you think that makes you a boring person, then you don’t know my God. The God I serve made the whole world and everything in it.  Afterwards, He said: It is good.

Today, I thought I had nothing to write about. I said to myself, this is a slow day.  All week it has been a slow week. I sat down and the words I wrote even  shock me. Sometimes a slow day is what is needed.