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Addendum to age thirteen

them to organize such a club.
The message was the same then as it is today.
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Addendum to Elnora thirteen

Many of the kids, especially boys, were teased for being a member of our team. Some of the girls who still believed in our message were teased to the point they could not stand the pressure. Our group grew smaller but stronger. No one ever teased me. I suppose they all knew I took karate. They knew better.
Mother had to stop traveling with us to go to Montana. Her mother passed away. She and daddy had to find someone to keep us. Janie had something important she wanted to do. She asked if she could stay with Carlene. Samuel was on the football team. They were having practice that summer. He told Mom, he was very sorry her Mom passed away, but he did not want to miss practice because he was the starting quarterback. He was afraid if he left; coach would place someone else in his position. Samuetta was best friends with Peggy. Samuetta decided it would be best for her and Samuel to stay at Peggy’s house. Little Earl and I stayed at Aunt Mable’s house. The only one left was Bernice. They took Bernice with them. Momma said it was such a long trip; Bernice could help drive. I think Bernice didn’t want Momma to leave her.
I was a little happy to be back with Aunt Mable. Little Earl was nine years old but he still loved bedtime stories. Aunt Mable read us a story called “Uncle Tom Cabin” by a lady name Harriet Beecher Stowe. Mrs. Stowe started to name her story “Life among the Lowly”. However, she settled on the name “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”.
Momma had to stay for two weeks to help her sisters and brothers assist their father. That gave Aunt Mable a chance to read most of the book. Momma’s brothers and sisters decided their father should no longer live alone. Each sister or brother would keep him for a year. Mom decided to take him for the first year. They came home with Grandpa. Even thou Little Earl was nine years old, he still had an impetuous spark. He asks grandpa did he have any wrens in his beard. Grandpa said no. Why did he ask such a foolish question? Little Earl told him he knew an old man with a beard. He had four larks and a wren and they had all built their nest in his beard. Grandpa didn’t seem amused by Little Earl’s inquiry. He acted as though he had always lived there. He simply said: Un-hum.
Some days Gramps was alright and some days he wasn’t. He told little Earl to get on Brown Pony and catch the Greyhound Bus for him. Every day, near the same time, that bus came by and a little greyhound dog followed. Gramps thought the dog was trying to catch his master. Gramps told Little Earl, if they ever mated that dog, he wanted one of those puppies. That’s the fastest dog he had ever seen.
Gramps would not go to church with us. Gramps said Pastor Dykes couldn’t preach. I soon discovered Gramps said whatever came to his mind at that moment.
Daddy showed me three tickets to The Greatest Show on Earth. Evidently Daddy lived on Mars. He showed me three tickets. They were for Gramps, Little Earl and me. However, I went into Momma’s room to get a comb and I saw another ticket. Momma couldn’t go because she had a missionary meeting. I’m sure that ticket was for Dad. He took us and came back for us but he missed The Greatest Show on Earth.
It was a regular year. Little Earl gave all of his teacher’s grief. His homeroom teacher, his P. E. teacher, his Art teacher and his Music teacher, all said Little Earl knew exactly what he was doing. He would ask questions no one could answer. He loved tricking his teachers. They would just send him to the office. The office manager used him to run errands for her and then she would send him back to his class. He became known as the office boy. I think Little Earl really liked that. Often times, he and Daddy were invited on fishing trips in the principal’s big boat.
Samuetta thought she was a big shot. Samuetta was voted as school queen by the entire student body.
After my fourteenth birthday, Pauline, one of my mom’s sisters came and got grandpa.
To be continued