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Almost and Almost but not Quite


Almost and Almost but not Quite

Today I saw an old friend at the Post-Office.  Well, maybe not a friend. Someone I knew thirty-five years or so ago. We looked at each other directly in the face but I don’t think he recognized who I was. He said hello and so did I say the same. I saw him five or maybe six years ago from a distance at a public gathering but I didn’t speak.  Neither did he speak. He was with a young woman that looked an awful   much like him. It could have been his child or he was having a crazy mid-life crisis.  Well, maybe not a mid –life crisis unless he intends to live to be one hundred thirty-two years of age or more.

Back then his hair was still black. He now has grey hair. I have been grey since I was in my fifties. I am use to it. Grey hair does not bother me.  When I was in my thirties I tinted my hair a light brown. Actually, I was trying to tint red but my kinky black hair would not tint red.  The closest I could get to red was brown.

Now people have extensions. Back then they didn’t have extensions. Many Black Women wore wigs to get red. Today, some women sport blue, orange, red, yellow or green extensions. I don’t think I could reasonably carry that off. I am kind of a geek when it comes to coloring hair. Natural white is sufficient for me.  Plus, I have also had breast cancer. My Doctor told me I should absolutely not relax nor tint my hair.

I am sure my old acquaintance did not recognize me.  At the time he knew me, my hair was shoulder length and black. Now, I sport a head of short,  white hair. The fact that he didn’t know me bothered me at first; then I remembered reading Yolanda Marshall’s book “Devotions”.  On the daily devotions for April 27th she wrote: {when any small thing can make you become a lunatic; then you are in serious need for an attitude makeover. You can start getting your makeover today. The first thing I would advise you do is admit that you have a bad attitude. Secondly, become more cognizant of the small things that make you snap and try to prevent it. Thirdly, try to relax your mind. Sometimes, your mind can move too fast. Lastly, make sure you are “slow to speak.”  Neither of us said anything but HELLO. Sometimes it is not what you say that creates the problem; it is what you don’t say. Somehow I understand what Yolanda was saying. Always, locate scriptures in the Holy Book to read that deal with whatever issue you may have.

If you cannot be recognized by an old associate, maybe there is a reason.  You may have a new spirit. You may be a new you.  We never had a very close relationship. It was more of a confrère bond. Today we both went on our separate way as we have done in years gone by.  I do not know what his belief or his ambitions are today. At one time he had great ambitions. Often he was intolerant even prejudicial of those who he deem unmotivated toward greatness. Perhaps that is just the way I perceived him.  In all outward showing, it was as if there were little or no feelings for others. Hopefully, I have made a mistake.  The person I saw may not be the person I knew years ago.

The End