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An Awesome Event/ Part: 1

An Awesome Event

One morning, a man down on his luck moved into his mother’s house with his wife and little girl. His wife didn’t like moving in with his mother but there was nothing she could say because his mother was very insistent. One morning his mother called him down for breakfast. The man pulled the covers over his head and said he didn’t want to get up. His mother told him he had to get up because it was Sunday and he had to go to church. The man asked his mother why. His mother told him boy, you are the preacher! Reluctantly the man got up and went to church.
During this time, Funerals were on Sundays after church. At the time for reflections, the deceased’s nephew stood up and said Uncle Derrick taught me everything I needed to know was in the Bible. The deceased’s wife yelled; that wasn’t your uncle! That was me! The man said: okay Aunt Bess, when your time comes, I’ll remember this story!
The preacher left the church feeling a little unappreciated. He went home and told his family what a bad day he had. His mother told him to brace himself. She had news that would make his day get worst. Sister Brown called because Brother Brown died. It was urgent for him to get over to Sister Brown’s house as quickly as possible. Unwillingly, he went over to Sister Brown’s house. Sister Brown’s son met him at the door and invited him in. Her son and his family had been there assisting his mother since the severe illness of his father. Her son had a little four years old girl name Virginia. Virginia invited the preacher to stay and have supper with them. The preacher was delighted with little Virginia because she reminded him of his little five year old, Carman. After all of the pots and pans were washed and put away, her father read her a bedtime story. By this time, it was time for Little Virginia to go to bed. Little Virginia asked Grandmother to go upstairs and listens to her prayers. Mrs. Brown told her she couldn’t go because she had arthritis. Her parents said it’s alright Virginia, we’ll go with you. The Minister said. I’ll go too. As Virginia started to pray, a flash of lighting and a roar of thunder dashed across the room. Virginia stopped praying and said; I’m going downstairs and get in Grandma’s lap. Her parents devulged it was just thunder and lightning. You must continue your prayer.
Virginia started to pray again. Again it started lighting and thundering. Her parents said continue Virginia we are here with you. The preacher thought it was appropriate for him to chime in, he said; yes Virginia, your parents are here, I am here and Jesus is here too. Virginia started to pray but when it started lighting and thundering again; Virginia told everybody; you all stay up here with Jesus. I’m going downstairs and get in grandmother’s lap.
The preacher left the Browns feeling he had made little difference in all of their lives at a time such as this. He especially felt he had done even less for little Virginia. Drowning in his own sorrow, he was not looking where he was going and ran over a man on a bike. It was a horrific accident. Half of the man’s body went through the preacher’s windshield and half of his body was on the hood. The preacher got out of his car and called 911 and his insurance company. 911 called the police and the wrecker. When the police got there, the preacher was about to cry. The police told the preacher not to cry. His insurance would take care of his car. Now, let me see what I can do about this accident. I think I can get this man for breaking and entering and attempted murder. The preacher wanted to know what rationale the police used to arrive at his decision. The policeman said; I see evidence where he tried to enter your car. The accident made you run off the road and almost kill yourself. The wrecker came and brought a car to provide transportation for him. The preacher started home, but it had been such a

to be continued