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An Awesome Event/ part: 2

The wrecker came and brought a car to provide transportation. The preacher started home, but it had been such a horrific day, he got lost and thirsty. The preacher stopped at a bar because it was the only place open and ordered a soda. He asked for directions to highway 37. A drunken man said just follow me. The preacher said that will not be necessary. Sir, I can follow good directions when given. The drunken man said good directions or no, it’s pretty hard finding directions to highway 37 alone. The preacher said I will not be alone. Jesus is with me. The bartender gave him directions to highway 37. Sure enough, the preacher ran into a ditch. The drunken man passed by the preacher and said; I told you so. He then, got out of his car and walked around the accident. The preacher asked him what he was looking for. He had already called the wrecker and the police. The druck man and the preacher’s only duty was just to wait. The drunken man said he was not looking at the accident. He was looking for Jesus. At the rate the preacher was driving in that curve, he was sure the preacher had killed him. The preacher thought; these were not just accidents but Devine Appointments. At each event I was given an opportunity to speak prophetically into the lives of those around me.
When the preacher got home, he told his family about his day. His mother said you poor dear. I need to give you something to eat. The preacher said no, Mother. I ate with the Browns and somebody stop little Carman from eating all of those raisins!
Worn out from such a hectic day, he went upstairs and went to bed. Without a great deal of hesitation, Little Carman went upstairs, got in bed with her father and kissed him on the forehead. You had a hard day, but I still love you. The preacher said thank you Carman. Next she kissed him again and said; Grandmother said you’ve had too many Divine Appointments, but I love you. The preacher said; thank you Carman. Again she kissed him on the forehead and said: Mother said you are as CRAZY as all get out. The preacher said: Go to your room Carman. Little Carman got up to go but instead said: Oh, oh, I think I just had a Divine Appointment. His mother came in the room with a plate full of food. The preacher said mother, I told you, and I ate with the Browns. His mother said; Son, I heard you. That’s why I brought this food. The Browns can’t cook! The preacher said; Mother, when the neighbors heard about Brother Brown, they brought all sorts of good food. His mother said; Son, now I know you need something to eat. You have just eaten God knows what! The preacher turned over and pretended to snore. His mother climbed in bed with him to force feed him, when her knee met with Little Carman’s Divine Appointment. The preacher’s mother ran out of the room as quickly as possible. The preacher got up, cleaned little Carman’s Divine Appointment, put clean linen on the bed and got down on his knees to pray. The preacher told the Lord; If my momma and you want me to continue preaching, I’ll need a little more help.

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