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An Incomplete Puzzle

An Incomplete Puzzle
I have felt like I was living in an incomplete puzzle.
I awoke this morning to a complete puzzle. Ever since 2006 when my husband and son passed away in an automobile accident, I have felt as if I was in an incomplete puzzle. When I came home from the hospital, I knew I would have to learn to live without them. I knew it would be difficult but then I didn’t imagine how difficult it would be. After all I had lost my friend, my accountant, my business manager, my lover and my home repairman. In addition I lost my mother and my son as well.
Whoopi Goldberg, on the View said it smartly; the three worst words spoken in the English language: “You complete me” Those three little words have made a liar of so many people. No one completes you but you.
I have my Pastor to thank. Every year we have Pray and fasting in the month of January. In the month of August my church celebrates Prayer and Feasting. At our time for Prayer and Fasting we celebrate the Daniel Fast. In August we celebrate going without something we truly love other than food. On Both occasions, we ask God for what is in our heart to ask for and thank Him for gifts already received. I will not share what I asked for because God has not answered my prayer yet. I will admit I asked God for something I cannot get from neither man nor woman. God has no respect of person neither do I.  He does not favor Gentiles over Jews nor males  over females. My answer will come because it is biblical. Anything biblical asked in the father’s name shall come to pass. Don’t ask for something that belongs to someone else. God is neither heard of hearing nor dumb. God completes me. This morning I awoke to a new day. All is well. I am complete. I cannot tell you when or how it happens.  I only know I just felt complete.