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An Open Letter to Michelle Obama

An open letter to Michelle Obama
I wanted to send the First Lady congratulations for her appearance on the Oparh Show. It was shown on of course the Oparh Show but on every network on the air.

My Dear Elegant Lady,
For eight years, we have had an elegant lady in the White House. We admire you and we will miss you. You made it impressive to purchase our attire at places like J Crews and other places the common woman could afford. You are down to earth yet you stand above the crowd. Not just because you are tall but because you have a high standard of life. Your graciousness, kindness, politeness and civility will never be forgotten. Always know that Carrie Ware of loves you, your husband and your children.
I once wrote an open letter to your husband by way of I hope someone sent that letter to him or he saw it somehow. I now hope someone that reads will send this to you.
People from every walk of life love you and your family. You and your family will be missed.

Carrie Foxx Ware