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An Open Letter

An Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey
Dear Oprah
We love you. We adore your intelligence. You are the most powerful person in the United States of America. At first, I wrote “woman” instead of a person.
That was an understatement. Of course, you already know, you are rich. However, having said all of that, I sincerely wish you would not run for the presidency of the United States. Not because you could not handle the job. My personal rationale would be because you can do a lot more good for us where you are.
There are people who would try and age you immediately. Of course, Stedman knows he can not live at the Whitehouse unless he marries you. He will be forever known as Mr. Oprah Windfrey.
I don’t have to tell you” bigots” now believe they own a rite of passage. We are aware you can put a stop to that. However, we don’t want you to make the mistake that Hillary made. Don’t assume the Congress will agree with your methods just because “our time has come”. People will say to you “You go girl. We are behind you” and they are just to say so.  At the slightest sign of trouble they would be so far behind you one could not find them with a magnifying glass.
There are plenty good women in both parties who understand politics on the world stage. Some countries do not share our values. We must learn to understand them without making them feel like we are bullying them. Certain pressures do not work. They have never lived in a free society and they do not understand how it works. One thing this present government is saying is correct, we have been a little too lenient with some of the wrong governments. Russia is not the only government that has taken advantage of us.
Most of the governments in the world hate us while their people are trying to come live in The United States of America. Their desire is freedom while they try to turn our government into the one they are running away from. There are some confuse people in the world.
I am an old woman, seventy-four and one half. I have seen a lot of things. There is a lot I have not seen, therefore I am not telling you what to do. I am only saying what many people would say to you if they could. We love you. We will be with you in any decision you make. May God be with you.

Carrie Ware