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Be Careful Who You Trust

Be Careful Who You Trust


One day an old lady back in civil war times received a letter from her daughter-in-law. The old lady could not read. She went next door to a neighbor that could read and asked her to read the letter to her. In a ruff voice, the next door neighbor open the letter and read thusly:

Dear Mother,

As you know your son is dead. He went to war with troop 506. His Sergeant said he fought gallantly. The opposing troop was upon him and his comrades. His comrades in fear ran out and were killed instantly. My husband and your son stayed put.  After the enemy went away it started to rain. The foxhole filled with water in the night. The next morning, somehow he made it back to camp with pneumonia. His Sergeant sent him home to recuperate because the doctors had too many soldiers to care for. Our country doctor had never heard of penicillium nor did he know what to do for him. He died in my arms.

I am coming to stay with you for a month to bring whatever mementoes and artifacts you might like to keep. Please meet me at the train station with a horse and big wagon to carry all of our things.  With all of my love,  as always.


Your devoted daughter-in-law,


Still in that ruff voice that next door neighbor said: I would not let that hussy come. If your son died from pneumonia, she has it too. She is coming to kill all of us. The old lady said you are right. Give me a moment to think of a good reason to keep her from coming.

The next day, the old woman went to her Bible Study Class. She explained to the group the terrible predicament she was in. She asked for advice as to how to answer her daughter-in- law’s letter.  She loved her daughter-in-law but she did not want her to come and get her feelings hurt. One of the ladies in the group who could read  asks to read the letter. She needed insight on how to help her dear friend. The group asked her to read the letter out loud. In a sweet tender voice she read the same letter.


All of her Bible Study friends said what a sweet heartfelt letter. Oh yes, let her come and we will all bring buggies to meet her.