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Most people are highly insulted when they are called birdbrain. They should not be. Birds are among the smartest animals in the world. The smartest of the smart are in the Corvidae family-crows,ravens, jackdaws,jays,nutcrackers,magpies,choughs,treepies and others. Controlled lab studies and thousands of observations in the wild show how remarkably advanced some birds are in their problem-solving skills. Corvidae-Corvids, for short-are found everywhere in the world, except Antarctica, in 23 genera containing about 126 species.
Here are some interesting facts for those of us who love birds.

1. Anyone who has watched crows, jaw, ravens and others members of the corvid family will know they’re anything but “birdbrained”.

2. Jays will sit on an ants nests,allowing the angry insects to douse them with formic acid, a natural pesticide which helps the bird rid itself of parasites.

3. Crows have learned to use road traffic for cracking tough nuts. They do this at traffic lights crossing, waiting patiently with human pedestrians for a red light before retrieving the prize.

4. Caldonian Crows
The New Caldonian Crow manufacture two very different types of tools for finding prey.

5. They have learned to manufacture hooks- crafted from twigs- used to poke grubs from holes in trees.

6. In a controlled setting, they taught themselves to bend a piece of straight wire into a hook to probe for food.

7. Some birds have used memories of past experiences to plan a head.

Let us be mindful of what we say. We may intend to insult when we end up complementing.