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Can You Answer These Questions?

Thirty-two white horses on a red hill. Now they dance and now they stand still. WHAT ARE THEY?

Your teeth is the answer!
The thirty-two white horses are your teeth if you are through growing teeth.
The red hill would be your gums.
When you are talking, they are dancing.
When you stop talking, they stand still.

A lady and her husband went on a holiday. The lady was very happy
when the stewardess announced there was a doctor on board. Her husband had not been feeling well before their departure. Just as the lady feared there was an awful plane crash on a deserted hill. The lady needed someone to look after her husband. She remembered the stewardess saying a doctor was on board. No one was killed during the crash but there were plenty injured. The lady looked and looked but she couldn’t find him. The lady wanted to know if the doctor was among the injured. The stewardess answered no. The doctor was helping with the injured. The lady continued to look but she still couldn’t find him. WHY?

The doctor was a Black Woman