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When It’s all done, Carrie will name the Puppies

This is the holiday season. People are hustling and bustling at train stations, airports, bus stations and some in private cars. If you are traveling by any public transportation, I would advised you to avoid the long lines, book online. I had a round trip ticket during the Thanksgiving Holidays and I still had problems. While we waited in the waiting room at the airport, an annoying agitated old man argued with the ticket officer. Not only was he agitated with his flight delay, he had his nephew with him on the phone with his girlfriend. Several times he asked the nephew to get off the phone with that girl he had just seen and help him make their connection.
I’m not a mind reader but I’m sure the nephew was thinking there is nothing I can do. Finally they allowed us to board. We sat there for about two hours while the engineers worked on the plane. I was beginning to think if this plane takes that much work on it, maybe it shouldn’t fly. Just as those thoughts ran across my mind, we were asked to deplane. Happily, we got off. I was sent to another waiting room. After sitting there for another hour I was upgraded for my troubles. I don’t know what happen to the old
complaining man. He and his nephew were headed for California and I was Alabama bound. However, I think we both were going to the Atlanta Airport.
When we arrived in Atlanta, I asked my son to come and get me. Atlanta is only two hours away from Birmingham, Alabama. By the time we got to Atlanta I was so tried, I needed a wheelchair. A young man offered to push me down to baggage but the airport attendant would not let him. She was afraid since I didn’t know him, he might take me to God knows where and I would never be heard of again.
After I picked up my luggage She wheel me where people gathered for pick up. An old man sat next to me in his wheelchair with his granddaughter behind him. She was listening to the radio. Blake Shelton, the best looking man on planet earth according to Times Magazine released a new song called “You Name the Children and I’ll Name the Dogs”. Grandpapa was trying to sing the song. He said, you name the dogs and I’ll name the puppies. Of course his granddaughter tried to correct him. She told Gramps, the song said “you name the children and I’ll name the dogs. Gramps said “If she name the children and Blake name the dogs, who will name dem poor little puppies”? The granddaughter tried several times to explain to him no one would name the puppies. The song does not require the puppies have a name. Listening to the two of them go back and forth about the babies, dogs, and puppies, I told Gramps I would write Blake and ask him to rewrite his song to say ….You name the children, I’ll name the dogs and Carrie will name Dem poor little puppies.