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Who is Carrie Ware?

Go to and discover Carrie Ware for yourself. This article does not mention she is also the local editor of her local chapter of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority.

More Plays next week!

Soon to come!!!! A play you can do at your church!!!! carrie ware

Profound Performance

We will publish plays you can do at your church. Carrie Ware

5 Easy Tips For Creative Writing Article

Discover powerful techniques that can help you become more creative while writing new articles. Creative writing articles is not hard, anyone can write original articles but there are special tips that can help you to get some great ideas. Did you happen to struggle to find new ideas for writing articles? Nowadays market is very […]

Factors to Consider in Creative Writing

Creative writing is not only about giving information. It is about doing it while expressing your thoughts and emotions. You can be a creative writer if you will strive how to become one. Creative writing is more than providing people with information. It is the art of sharing one’s thoughts and emotions. It is like […]

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