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Daddy was a Vulpes Zerda

Daddy was a Vulpes Zerda

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Once there was a little boy who lived outside of Union Springs, Alabama who was name for his father. Everybody called him junior. His  parents names were  Josaphine and Charlie Ben Fox.  He was a happy little boy when  his mother called him in  to give  him good news. He would soon have company. He  would either have a little sister or a little brother. His father sent him outside to play one day upon the arrival of his company. When he was told he could enter the house again, his company had magically arrive.

The two children grew up to be happy children. When it was time for their education beyond what their county could afford to give black children, their parents sent them to Selma, Alabama to an African Methodist Episcopal School called Daniel Payne College. When his sister completed Daniel Payne, she went to Montgomery, Alabama and finished Alabama State College. Upon finishing Alabama State she became a teacher and  in later years getting a Masters then doing further work toward her doctorate.  Meanwhile, junior became a minister. Thinking the name did not fit a man of his stature, he changed his name to Charles Benjamin Foxx. He went home a proud man and told his parents of his name change. Charlie Ben’s mother scold him.  His mother said: Boy, you can not change your name. You are a junior! Do  you realize how hard your father and his brothers worked to get that name?

At that point, his father sat down and told him the history of the name.    His father told him:

Son, I was just a little boy when President Lincoln set the slaves free. There were twelve boys of us. Six of the older boys left  Bullock County. We don’t know what happen to them.  At this period in history, slaves took the last name of the slave owner. The remaining brothers, after their emancipation,  did not want their slave owners name. They wanted their African name.   An abolishner told them he would help them find the name of their roots.  The name he found was Vulpes Zerda. His brothers told him that name was too long and too hard to pronounce. What does it mean in English? They  were told it meant “fox”.

His Dad looked him  straight in the eyes and  said: Junior, if it means that much to you, I will change my name too and you can remain a junior. Charlie Ben Fox told his brothers he had changed his name from Carlie Ben Fox to Charles Benjamin Foxx. They liked it and changed their names to Foxx as well. Now, we are all Foxx.

Carrie Bennette “Foxx” Ware