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Elnora at eleven

Elnora (Eleven years old)
Momma and Daddy had five children at home. Bernice had gone to live with Brenda and her new husband. Brenda’s husband found Bernice a job while she worked on a PHD degree in the big city. I couldn’t figure out why Bernice needed another degree, she already had an AA in Science. Daddy thought being out on her own might do Bernice some good. She called home every night for a month crying because she wanted to come home. Daddy asked how school and your new job are. They were great. He asked how her co-workers were. They were nothing less than great. How was the food? The food was ok. Daddy told her to keep her butt there. She had no complaints. I agreed with daddy. Bernice was just a spoil baby. The eagle had stirred the nest and she did not need to come home.
It was enough putting up with Janie, (the twins) Samuel & Samuetta and Little Earl. They all got on my last nerve. At our new school, Little Earl’s reputation had preceded him. Little Earl was placed in the Advance Class. I think his teacher just wanted to get rid of Little Earl. She had three options. She could place him in the class with the slow children, keep him or place him in the Advance Class. She knew Papa would never agree to have Little Earl placed in the slow class. She didn’t want to keep him. Her best option was to place Little Earl in the Advance Class. She told Momma he tested for the Advance Class. It’s a possibility she was telling the truth. Who knows? I’m still just an inquisitive, curious, impetuous and sometimes nosey little girl. Read more »

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The next year Lemon came to his father’s house. He called Mrs. Pettaway, Momma Pettaway. Momma Pettway wanted him to stay but she did not want Lemon’s mother to come back. Lemon had worked so hard to get back with his mother until he could not accept her offer. Kenneth was a little awkward at first. However, I got the message. He was sorry for damaging my character. Since he had being living in town for a while, he discovered I was really a good person. I apologized for the beating he took from my dad. I also apologized for my uncles jumping on his Dad.
While we sat there apologizing to each other Lemon walked up unexpected. Lemon looked at me and said: I came by to keep you company but I see you already have company. Kenneth said: Oh no, I’m leaving. I just came by to apologize to her. Lemon asked: Apologize for what? Kenneth said: Everything is ok now; that was last year. She was in my bed……Lemon interrupts and said: What? (Then Lemon looks at me) You were in his bed? I said: Yes Lemon, let me explain. Lemon said: Don’t explain anything to me. I’m out of here! Kenneth said: Does this mean you don’t want her anymore. Lemon didn’t say anything, he just kept walking. I cried and Kenneth tried to console me, but he couldn’t. Daddy came out and asked Kenneth what was he doing down here. He told daddy he was trying to console me. Lemon had just dumped me. Daddy shook his head and said: Boy, go home! Lemon couldn’t have just dumped her. Lemon doesn’t live here anymore. I said: But daddy, he is telling the truth. Daddy looked at me and said; girl, go to your room and ask God to forgive you for lying. You and this boy will be the death of me. Now do what I say, go to your room? Boy, you go home. Because of you, my baby brother went to jail. His girlfriend had to pay big money to post bail. I’m begging you, Please, Please stay away from my house and my daughter! Read more »