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4. Elnora Age Seven

Elnora (Baby Dew)

Summer came and I turned seven. We had a big birthday party. There were so many people in our house; we were always having a birthday party. The whole household attended. Aunt Ruby and Momma cooked a big birthday cake that was prepared just for me. Aunt Mable and Aunt Katherine made cute sandwiches. Daddy and Uncle Paul cooked and churned ice cream. Uncle Jerry and his girlfriend brought nuts and candy. Uncle Bob and Aunt Katherine collected presents from the family. Some of the kids gave me presents they made last year at school in shop or art classes. At any rate, I had a great birthday party. Later that day, all of the children took a swim in the pond about a half mile from our house. Uncle Jerry went with us and we all had a cool time. Back at the house Luther and Mark started a game of dot to dot. Mark was winning and didn’t want to stop. He and Luther did not swim with us at first so they could complete their game.
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