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addendum to Elnora age eight

Momma did not have to work the first day of school but I didn’t need her. I knew all of my information the school could ask. No one tried to fight me that year. I was a natural leader and I had made friends with my schoolmates. Whenever someone gave a wrong answer the teacher would call on me. I always gave the right answer, or most of the time I did. Well, some of the time I did. Well, I almost never gave a wrong answer. If I gave a wrong answer, I would ask Peggy to help me get the right answer the next time.

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second addendum to Elnora at eight.

I had another birthday party. All of my girlfriends spent the night. Lemon asks my Mom if he could spend the night too. Mom is such a sweetie pie. Of course she said yes he could visit Bay Brother. Aunt Ruby always read us a story at bed time whither we had company or not. Bay Brother was invited to our room for the read. Bay Brother and Lemon were on their way to our room when Aunt Ruby saw what Lemon had on. She asked him: Where are your pajamas? Lemon said he was wearing all he had. Aunt Ruby said he could not go into the room wearing girl’s bottoms and a t-shirt. She found a pair of Robert’s old pajamas and an old bathrobe and told him to put them on and he could keep them. After Lemon put on Robert’s old pajamas & and old bathrobe, he and Bay Bother came into the room. Aunt Ruby read a chapter of the story “Heidi”. The story “Heidi” is about a girl who stayed up in the hills with her grandfather during the summer. He had goats just like us. She ate goat cheese and drank goat’s milk just like us. Later Heidi left the mountains to go to the lowlands to visit Klara. Klara was a girl Heidi had helped saved the summer before. Gifted with a loving character and a kind heart, Heidi inspired her ailing friend with strength, good spirits, and happiness. While Aunt Ruby was reading, Bay Brother became distracted. He kept looking at the wall. Aunt Ruby asks Bay Brother what he was looking at. Bay Brother said I see a fly. Aunt Ruby stopped reading and sang this song. Baby Bye… Here’s a fly…. We will watch him ….you and I…..How he climbs…up the wall…..Yet he never fall. Aunt Ruby finished reading her chapter book and took Bay Brother and Lemon

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third addendum to Elnora at eight

Evangelist Armstrong always told us many parables. One that I cannot forget is the story of the “Stupid King”. The King was not only stupid, he was greedy. The king sent his maid to the goose house to collect eggs. She would bring back a golden egg each day. The King asks his maid to find out how the goose did that. As hard as she tried, she could not ascertain how the goose did that. The foolish King decided to kill the goose and dissect her to discover how she laid the golden egg. The goose was killed, the goose was eaten but nonetheless, the King could not get more golden eggs. Evangelist Armstrong said he experienced a situation similar to that in a community he serviced. A young man wanted to get some money from his mother. She would not give it to him. He decided to kill his mother; however, she suspected what he wanted to do. She changed all of her insurances, her CD’s, her Annuities, and all of her checking accounts, saving accounts and whatever else she had and he got nothing! His message, “Don’t kill the goose who lays the golden egg”, never left my memory.

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