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Elnora age ten

Elnora, at Age Ten
Samuetta was my sister, nonetheless, she was a little stuck up. All of the big girls slept upstairs in the attic. I can remember I went into her room one night as she prepared for bed. Samuetta had a habit of giving her hair one hundred stokes at bedtime. She sat at the makeup table giving her hair one hundred strokes. I sat at the edge of the bed and watched her. While I sat there, I felt a tiny, small, little bulge in my nostrils. I took my figure and pulled it out. Samuetta looked at me in the mirror and requested in no uncertain terms that I get out. She was my sister, but she did me wrong. I didn’t want to admit it, but cousins and my sisters were no friends of mine. I had to wait for a visit from out-of-town cousins before I had fun. Then there was only two. The others were either too young or too old. Life had a cruel side. It always had a way of playing tricks on me. I can remember not too many days later we had a great family picnic planned. Momma made this great bean casserole. Daddy was a little late getting home and I got hungry. There were several bean casseroles made so I ask Momma for a little taste. She had made a sample, therefore she asks me to eat that. When Daddy got through with his bath and getting dress, Momma and I loaded the car. Little Earl wanted to help but he was too little. I told him no! He would just get in my way. When we loaded the car, I felt a wee bit of wind pass. At the time, I was on the outside of the car so I figured it didn’t matter. We got in the car and I suppose the little fart followed me. Mom had also made deviled eggs. Papa said: Liz, those eggs are sure cutting up. Little Earl said: Mmmmm, I smell them too. Read more »