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1st portion of Elnora age twelve

Lemon came back during the summer without announcing he was coming. Kenneth dropped by my house to apologize for what happen to me at his house. I said it was ok. I should apologize to him for my father’s and uncles’ behavior. While we were apologizing to one another Lemon walked up. Lemon looked at me and said: I came to keep you company but it seems like you already have company. Kenneth said: Oh no, man, it’s ok I’m leaving. I just came over to apologize. Lemon expressed genuine confusion when he asked Kenneth; apologize for What. Kenneth started to explain I was in his bed. Lemon looks at me and bellowed, you were in his bed! I said: Yes Lemon, let me explain. Lemon walked away yelling, don’t explain anything to me. Kenneth ran after him screaming: Does this mean you don’t want her anymore? I started to cry. Kenneth came back to comfort me. Meanwhile, Daddy came out of the front door and asked Kenneth what was he doing. Kenneth told Daddy he had to comfort me because Lemon just dumped me. Daddy told Kenneth he was lying because Lemon couldn’t have just dumped me. Lemon doesn’t live here anymore. I tried to come to Kenneth’s defense but Daddy told me to shut up. Girl, go to your room, get down on your knees, ask God to forgive you for telling that lie. Boy, go home before I kill you. I went to my room and called Lemon.

addendum to Elnora age 12

Little Earl’s behavior didn’t seem to bother anyone except Daddy and me. He was Momma’s child, but his inappropriate behavior seemed to wash right off of Mom like water on the down of a duck. Some of the things Little Earl did and said are not worthy of reporting. Momma always said: He’s just (All Boy).
It became my duty to be the story reader after Aunt Mable moved out. One night, as I read Little Earl a story, he fell asleep. I thought to myself; Yes, he is “all boy” who gives his teachers grief. I lean over and kissed little Earl on his head and said “good night” all Boy.

The End.