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Epilogue to Elnora

Elnora was supposed to be a happy, fake, historical story. Somewhere in the mist of telling this story, Elnora and Lemon took a life of their own. None of this actually happened to a girl name Elnora and a boy called Lemon or Hometown. Nor did these events actually happen to anyone I know or have been told about. Last Spring I was going to Branson, Mo. on a Greyhound Bus. When I got off the Bus in St. Louis, Mo., for a rest stop, I saw a young Indian young man who looked just like my mind’s idea of Lemon. He looked at me as if to say “Why is that old Black Woman looking at me?” I wanted to say: Hello Lemon.
Elnora went through the course of growing pains just like a real girl. At one point she was extremely jealous of Lemon.
The story might have ended differently if Elnora had been mature enough to realize Kenneth really loved her.
It is said God has a funny sense of humor. When I dated my husband, my only request was that he never became a minister. I grew up as a minister’s daughter. I can remember my Mom going through trouble times as the wife of a minister. Every situation is not the same. However, I didn’t want to try out that scenario. Many of my husband’s friends were ministers. He was encouraged to go into the ministry by his friends; I would not stand in the way if he had felt he had a true calling from God on his life. As I said before, God has a true funny sense of humor. God realized I adamantly objected to my husband becoming a minister so he called me.
When my husband and son were killed in 2006, I was in the SUV with them. When I woke up after my Doctor’s induce comma, people were telling me they were sorry for my lost. I didn’t consider them lost. I knew where they were. They were with the Lord. I was told by several people; Richard Dishon (my son) came by their house or place of employment to talk about true salvation. Richard (my husband) was a Sunday School Teacher. He was a true servant of God. Richard would be proud of the story about Elnora. It speaks of a Godly life without being too preachy. The story runs the unequivocal existence of two young lovers from alpha to omega.
Elnora story line was suppose tell of a girl growing up on a farm in Alabama on the edge of the Civil Rights Movement, but it ended up being much more. One does get a sense of what life was like for people of color doing that era. However, The Trials and Tribulation of Elnora ended up being much more.