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For Whom the Bell Tolls

Some of us say we have not sinned. That is a lie. According to the Bible, we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. Maybe we did not drink, smoke, commit adultry, spread vicious erroneous lies on our neighbors and friends. Maybe we didn’t tell vicious lies about people we read about in the newspaper and tabloids. Of course everything we see on the internet or read in the newspaper is true. Not So, yes, I said it. It is Not so! We should stop fooling ourselves. As humans, we are just not perfect. All of us hold fralities and wounds.
I may step on someone’s toes in writing this but stepping on toes seem to be what I do best. None-the-less, I do not belive the God I serve will give you a message to give me. I have a personal relationship with God. You might see me traveling down the wrong road and if I ignore the warning signs, it’s okay to remind me that road leads to death for all taking that path. God, Himself will give that indivisual a nudge or or some type of wake up call. It does not matter if he is sinner or saint. God does not wish any of us should parish. That is why He gave Adam and Eve freedom of choice. They had all the conforts of life but couriousty about that one tree got the best of them. He could have made Eve so that obedience was not a choice. We can either choose to obey Him or obey our sinful nature.
However, God does not need us to help Him. All of the prophets in the Bible gave warnings to the nations or the leaders of nations that His people were not obeying His word. However, a personal warning was not sent by anyone unless they were a leader of a nation. Why would God put your personal business in the street?
That is why we have tabloids. Some of them do all of the dirty work for us. For those of us lucky enought not to be well known we have relatives, professional neighborhood gossipers or gossiping church members and friends, we can thank for lies.