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Can Everything be Nothing?

can everything be everything or can everything be nothing? Not only that, can nothing be everything or can nothing be nothing? This new generation has a saying “Everything is everything”. I do not know what that means. I wish someone would explain that expression to me. When I think I know one expression, another expression comes to my attention. Then I get an Email from AARP saying “You still have it. You may not know where you put it but you still have it”. I understand that!
I have gotten just like my mother. Everything is different. Nothing is the same. I have gone downstairs to get something and I cannot remember what I went for. On my way half way up, I remembered. My friends say that is nothing. They remind me, some of my younger friends, still working who have high paying jobs would not have the success they have if it were not for their iPads, cell phones, laptops, computers and secretaries. In retrospect,
I suppose I am not doing that badly. Everything is nothing.
I went to a movie last week. While we were standing there wondering which show to see, the ticket girl suggested a movie. After the show, she asks how I had enjoyed the show. I could not speak for anyone else, but the language of the characters was not my cup of tea. In that case, I figured everything to be nothing.
I understand to make a character come alive the actress/actor must speak the language of the person he/she is portraying. Never-the-less, we must have some regards for those watching as well. Everything is everything.
At one time, writers and producers were telling us they could not make money if they produced good, clean movies. We have discovered that is just not true. It does not have to be a faith based movie. Life is mostly always more interesting than fiction. True stories can make people leave the theater whistling the story’s musical theme. Everything can be everything. When given a choice, people will choose that which is good.
I know some will say; fairy tales and fantasies are just as bad. They give a false sense of reality. It’s their opinion and they are free to have that opinion. Everything can be nothing. Usually, worthwhile lessons are learned as a moral to those stories. If we can get a lesson from violent, bad mouthed characters it is not one anyone should imitate.
At one time young people wanted to see people who have good dispositions they could emulate. Now we have people who want to tear down anyone who they think most people hold in high regards. That is a sick, sadistic frame of mind for anyone to have. In this case, everything is everthing.