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Getting Married

Getting Married

Saturday evening my yardman came to manicure my yard. He said Mrs. Ware , you haven’t gotten married yet? I apologetically said ;no I haven’t.  I can’t find a man. Later that same day, the pest control man came and asks the same question. Again I said no. I can’t find a man. He said his job had him visiting lots of houses.  He went to the homes of many single men my age. Some were divorced and some were widowed. Perhaps he could help. I thought that was an excellent idea. He said let us start with something simple. I need to know your likes and dislikes. First let me ask you what age are we looking at.  I thought  for a minute about my own age. I am seventy-one. I told him someone between the ages of seventy and eighty. He told me he dealt with many people but he didn’t know a man still breathing between those ages. I told him just to forget about it. I don’t know about other women but I like my men breathing. To be more specific,  I would like a man breathing without an oxoygen tank and a man that could walk and talk at the same time. Also, I would highly appreciate it if

1.   his savings  was in  the seven digit figures

2.   his checking account need to be in the four digits

3.   his annuities must eventually be placed in my name

4.   his CD’s the same

5.   his stocks and bonds the same.

6.  and if he has any overseas accounts, we can talk about ways to share.

Other than that, I am not picky. I am not a material girl. Maybe, I could forget everything I said.