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Give Your Grandmothers Respect

The story of King Rudy Will continue Wednesday

Treat Your Grandmothers with Respect

We all need Grand-mama, Nana, Big  Mama, Mama  Dora or whatever her name happens to be. Many people calling to her by many a different name.  She remains lovingly the same. She is your mother’s mother or your father’s mother.


Today I woke up to the Today’s Show.  Dillon,   one of the co-host of the show showed pictures  of her  two  grandmothers.  She had taken a road trip with her children from her home to her grand mother’s  home for her 90th birthday party. Her mother’s mother as well as her father’s mother were  both there . How bless she was to have both grandmothers  there and how double bless  are her children to have two  great  grandmothers.

She has vowed each day  to call them  even if it just a small chat. Grands have a life.  They do not need you to talk long,  just check on them and show that you Care.

Do(s) & Don’t(s) of  children And grandchildren.

1. Don’t ask grandma to babysit without first asking if she has time.

2. Don’t take anything from grandma’s house without asking.  You are assuming  she is too old to notice just because she doesn’t say anything,  She notices.

3. Don’t talk down to grandma. Her vocabulary did not disappear with age.  Grand Knows more words  than you have ever  heard in your short lifetime.

4. Don’t think you have picked grandma’s brain. There Is wisdom  in that brain you are trying to  pick.

5. Do not worry,  you are in “The Will”.

6.  Don’t figure grandmother or grandfather has lost touch with reality just because of age. There are young people in their 40’s and 50’s  who have lost touch with reality. Then again, there are people 100 and over whose  minds are as touch as nails.