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Have FAITH when you call on The Holy Spirit

On Monday, 11/06/2017 on the Today Show, I heard the most touching testimonial from the mother of a child the doctors were preparing to pronounce dead. She remembered her scripture that reminded her how Jesus raised His good friend Lazarus from the dead and how God raised his only begotten son from the grips of death. She held his feet and cried out to the Holy Spirit to bring life back to her son. Her FAITH welcome her son’s spirit back into his body. He had to stay in the hospital for some time. However, now he is sound in body and in mind.
My husband sang “Prayer is the key to heaven, but faith unlocks the door” The master often told those he made well “your faith has made you well” It is important that we hold on to our faith.
Ask the Lord for whatever we want and he will answer. We will get an answer as long as what we are asking for is scriptural. Don’t ask for the death of some one. He will answer and the death you ask for may be your own. Don’t ask for the sickness of any one or the loss of money or power. Just do unto others as you would have them do unto you and the Lord will bless You. Don’t do to them as you perceived they have done unto you. Keep living right regardless of how many lies are told on you. Never give up!
That reminds me when I was in the ICU at U.A.B. Hospital. When I came out of a comer, I realized two of my family members were no longer with us. I wanted to give up. Then I realized that was an easy way out. Dying is easy. Living is hard. My son begged the doctor to save me. He said if he lost me that would be his entire family. There were only four of us.
The doctor nor my son knew I was awake. The doctor told my son; “I have done all I know to do. It’s in her hands now. She needs to be a fighter.” Little did he know my life was not in my hands but in the hands of the Holy Spirit. I had to call on God and He sent His Holy Spirit to make me whole again.
Today I give Thanks. I will always give thanks for my life. I will always treat it with care. My life does not belong to me. It belongs to the Lord.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to one and all!

Carrie Ware