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Heads Up or Hands Out?

Heads Up or Hands Out

All of us have been in that place where we needed a Heads Up. We make too much for any government program but we make too little to get were we need to go. We go to our relatives and so call friends but they either can’t or won’t help us. Even when promises are made to pay back. I can understand the man on the street lying about his needs.
The other day I was going to one of my favorite stores (The Dollar Tree). A man stood on the outside of the store begging. He told me he needed bus fare. I almost asked him did he need a lift to the unemployment office. I didn’t have anything at the time.
A woman, getting in her car, told me that same man yesterday told her he was from out of town and needed something to eat. Today, that same man did not recognize her, told her he was a homeless veteran. Obviously, he was lying. Now I ask you; was he a chronic liar or a man who tried the right way but couldn’t make it following the rules?
In some cases, a “Hand Out” is not whats needed but a “Heads Up”. How can we tell the difference? We as mere humans can’t. Someone who looks like they have it all together may not; while the other person who looks like they have nothing may put us all to shame with their capital. That is why the word of God tell us in Hebrews 13:02 Be not forgetful to entertain [Forget not to show love unto] strangers: for thereby some have entertained angles unawares.
I don’t know that man’s story. However, if there is not some type of turn around in this country; there will be more people out on the streets begging.
The woman told me she is guided by the holy spirit with her giving. When I have it, I give to all. I am sure some of those I have given to used the money for cigarettes, whiskey, drugs or something more sinister. I can only pray when it leaves my hand it is used for something beneficial.
I am not a judge nor the jury. Each of us must stand before the throne one day. I want him to say as He did in Matthew 25:35-40….. And the King answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
As Christians, let us not be so good, that we forget to be Godly.