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How long Must I Morn?

How Long Should One Mourn?

The Doctors, the highway patrol, and the drunk driver all told me different stories. I’m not sure why I asked the drunk driver what happened. She told me I sat and talked with her until the ambulance came. That was impossible. My neck was broken, therefore it would have been impossible for me to sit and talk with her. She sat and talked with my son’s fiancée.

My nephew and his family were behind us on the highway and  did not see our car. When they came near the accident site, the highway patrol and ambulance blocked off one side of the highway. They had to take a detour. My nephew said he told his family there has been an awful accident. I hope those people make it to the hospital in time. He didn’t know he knew the people involved.

There are others who feel as though we have mourned too long. Even though I have never cried,   my heart has been heavy.  Gerald, my youngest son, made a DVD of the funeral for me. I was in the hospital under an induced coma at the time of the funeral. Not only have I wanted to know what happen while I was in the hospital, I have wanted to know what happen during the accident. My husband was suppose to sing at the funeral of a boy in our church who committed sucide.
. There are things I may never know. I was talking to someone who knew both the lady whose grandson committed sucide and myself. I was told she passed a couple of years ago. I sincerely hope ahe found some peace before passing.
I went to my church today. We had a workshop on Marriage & Family. God ordained marriage. I heard family and God are important in times of great sorrow. However, “true friends” can count as well!