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I walked today where Jesus walked

I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked
Sunday 09/05/2015

Today in the prayer room a lady was honestly praying for me. She thought I didn’t know she was praying for me. However, she was praying for something I don’t want. I do want to be a member of the prayer .team; however I don’t want everything that comes with being a member of my church’s prayer team. I am fully committed to  God.   I believe to my soul our pastor is a Godly Man. He is committed to God, his family, and the church. However there are people around him who have connected with sources that do not stand for true Christian values. In my opinion, he needs God’s guidance in this matter. No one can advise him what to do. He must honestly, on his knees, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Things I don’t want are:
1.) To get close to the pastor just for the sake of getting close and becoming a big wheel in the church.
2.) To have a following that takes its emphasis off of Jesus. My only desire is to point the loss to Christ.
3.) To have a following period. The church’s pastor should be the only one who has a following.

What I do want:
1.) I want the Lord to bless the church.
2.) I want the Lord to bless the pastor and his family. I want the Lord to bless the Church’s Board and its entire Leadership Team.
3.) I want the Lord to bless the people in the church
4.) I want the Lord to bless me
There was a time I prayed to be more like Jesus. He answered that prayer. He was misunderstood and so I have been. There are people who have questioned my motives. They have said she wants something or she is just stupid. Well, I don’t want anything but the love of God and I am not stupid. Maybe, there is something I want and God has not told me yet what it is
Perhaps He will just leave me here until I figure it out or when I get to heaven he will tell me why He allowed me to be born

Its a struggle but He continues to leave me here. Perhaps, when he accomplish through me His will, I will be sent to come home.  Until then, Satan  will only embarrass himself trying to  harm me.