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Madeara’s Halloween

A little old woman sat in her big chair in her bedroom waiting for her daughter and son-in-law to come home from work. The family could not eat until her daughter’s family got there. The parents and children would wash their hands, say grace and then eat together at the table.

Tonight was special. It was All Hollowed’s Eve and the old lady waited for her daughter and grands to help her organize the treats. The old woman had worked double time to make sure her family ate a good supper before they started on their task.

When the family arrived home, they would help her organize trick or treats for the younger   boys and girls.  The older children would get a different treat. The old woman spread the candies all across her queen size bed as she waited patiently for help.

Meanwhile, she had another grandchild who had come to visit his cousins and grandparents while his parents were out of town. He was the youngest of the grandchildren.

The little boy and his grandfather who were in a swing on the porch decided not to wait on the rest of the family, but decided to arrange the treats themselves. Grandmother, who everybody called Madeara,  came out on the porch and sat in her favorite wicker rocking chair.  Addressing her husband, she wanted to know what were they doing. Her husband did not answer.

Little Boy: Hello Madeara

Madeara: Hello James. Do your parents expect you to spend the night?

Little Boy: Yes Madeara, they do.  (The little boy turns to his grandfather ) Grandfather, I want to go with the boys and girls that come for candy.

Grandfather: Ask your grandmother.

Little Boy: Madeara, I want to trick ot like the other children.

Madeara: Child, let me tell you a story my grandmother told me  years ago.


to be continued