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If you happen to be a mother you are a special person. Giving birth is an  awesome  experience you will never forget. Most fathers don’t forget either. Some faint! But once the bundle of joy arrives, most of the time, everyone is happy.

Mothers nurse the babies; burp the babies,  change the babies, talk to the babies and then sing lullabies to the babies all day long. If she works, there is a need for a Nanny or Nursery School  We sometimes call them Day Care Facilities. Some women use grandmother or other relatives. I am just saying your new addition will initiate change in your family dynamics.

Motherhood is great!  However, like some popular beliefs, it requires no special talent. That is wrong!  Any female can get pregnant, but not just any female can be a mother.  A real mother loves when you are unloveable. She finds the good in you when no one else does. A real mother loves her child and will do what is best for the child regardless.

If you still have your mother, treat her well. Make or buy her a special gift. Don’t let Hallmark be the only one who speaks for you. Tell her something special and meaningful. Your birth mother should not be the only woman in your life. To name a few other women; your wife, your female siblings, your brothers’ wives,  your older or younger church members who are mothers, older or younger women who are mothers in your neighborhood and older or younger mothers on your job.

Remember, God gave women a gift only women can do. I know science is experimenting with babies in a test tube without an egg or a sperm. Thank God they have not succeeded yet.

HAPPY MOTHERS’S DAY to all MOTHERS! Especially to mothers who adopted children. You did not have to do it.