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Part 1:Hailey Helps Baby Elephant Find His Way Home

Hailey  Helps Baby Elephant Find His Way Home: Part 1

Haley was like every other Hippo until one day an old Hippo started bragging about the number of birds she had carried on her back.  Laughingly she said she carried more birds than any elephant she had ever seen.Hailey reminded the old Hippo that between her adopted elephant brother and herself, they had carried even more birds, and they were not grown yet.  Usually, Haley nor baby elephant were easily rattled.  This was not the first insult baby elephant had suffered. Usually, the insults came from one of their peers. This was the first insult to come from an adult. Baby Elephant who was not really a baby anymore but a young bull elephant, figured it was time for him to go find his family.

Hailey told Baby Elephant it would hurt to see him go but she understood.  Hailey told Baby Elephant she would go with him. He should not be along out there by himself.  It was too dangerous for him to be all alone. First, they should tell her parents what they were planning to do. Hailey’s parents agreed it was time for Baby Elephants to find his parents. Baby Elephants could no longer play hide and seek and other games with the other young hippopotamuses.  He had grown too big and too tall to hide behind a bush on the savanna or play in the water pool. Hailey’s parents said: You two have come up with an excellent idea. There is only one problem.They asked Hailey When Baby Elephant finds his family, who will be with you? We will go with you.

When all of the other hippopotamuses heard Hailey’s parents were going, they decided they would go also. It was a far distance to the elephant’s camp. From a distance, Baby Elephant heard his mother’s voice. He remembered the elephant tongue.  She was alone with another baby calf. Baby Elephant heard her tell the young calf to stay close by.  Once she had another baby who had gotten eaten up by a pride of lions. He was a good older brother. and she missed him dearly.

To be continued: