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Part 1: How Santa Became A Legend

This play is about a little girl learning to take care of the things Santa gives her then her parents accidentally learning how Santa became a legend.

It is July, the dead of summer. A little girl sits outside her home underneath a willow tree with a doll she received from Santa last Christmas.

Mother: Joesetta, Bill, come in for lunch.
Joesetta: Yes Momma, let me finish combing Delorish’s hair.( minutes later)
Bill: (Joesetta’s brother comes out eating cake and ice cream) Yum, yum, This is good.
Joesetta: That looks like homemade cake and ice cream. Give me a taste!
Bill: Noooo, if you want some, go eat your lunch. Momma will gladly give you some.
Joesetta: Okay, just let me finish putting Delorish’s best dress on her. Joesetta gets busy doing what is important to her and forgets to eat lunch.
All the other children return from lunch; they want to return to play. Joesetta joins in with the children at play.
Mother: Dusk is falling children. Your parents need you to come home. Joesetta and Bill, come in now. Joesetta don’t forget to bring Delorish in with you.
Bill: Immediately Bill stops what he is doing and obeys his mother.{running in he ask Joesetta} Are you coming? Joesetta, Did you hear Mom? Are you coming? Come on right now!
Joesetta run in. She does not bring her doll in.

Daddy and Mother realize they have a problem. Joesetta does not obey when mother calls her for lunch and supper. With her chores she obeys to the letter. Joesetta’s disobedience only occurs when she is called to eat. The food is delicious. Sometimes, Her mom feeds Joesetta at night when everyone else is asleep. She does not want Joesetta to get sick due to a lack of food. What is she going to do with Joesetta?

to be continued