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Part 2: Madeara’s Halloween

(This is the story that Madeara told her grandchild )


Little Boy: Yes, Madeara, tell me the story.

Madeara: In a land far, far, away.

Little Boy: Further than Mercury?

Madeara: Yes child, further than Mercury.

Little Boy: Oh no, It would not be in the land of  Mercury. That is too close to the sun. Mercury is our closes planet to the sun.

Madeara: That’s right.

Little Boy: Was it Venus?

Madeara: No, further.

Little Boy: Oh no, Venus is hotter than Mercury. In fact, Venus is our hottest planet.

Madeara: No child, It was not Venus.

Little Boy: We are on Earth. You said it was further than Mercury and Venus.  So it could not have been some place on Earth.

Madeara:  Of course not. Not here on Earth. Far, Far away.

Little Boy: Was it Mars?

Madeara: No James, it was not Mars.

Little Boy: I didn’t think it was Mars.  Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and the smallest planet in our Solar System after Mercury. It is roughly 1.5 times as far from the sun as the Earth is. The amount of light reaching an object declines as the square of its distance from the sun. Mars gets less light than the Earth does. We will have a hard time trying to find the land far, far away with little light.

Madeara : Are you going to let me tell my story or do you have More questions?

Little Boy: No more questions Madeara. Go on and tell your story.

Madear: Thank you smarty pants. Now, as I was saying… in a land far, far way.

To be continued