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Part 1 One Night in the Lives of Slaves

Before reproduction of this play can be done, contact Carrie Ware 424 Pittsburgh Street Birmingham, Alabama. 35217. This play is protected by the copyrite Division of the United States of America 2014.
This story was first written for Harmony Street Baptist Church 1988 where my husband held membership from the time he was a little boy until his death. Harmony Street is in North Avondale, a suburb of the city of Birmingham, Alabama.
The story goes alone with the time of Roots. Some Blacks were eager to be free. Others were not so eager. They were contented to remain on familiar grounds.

One Night in the lives of Slaves

An old woman everybody on the plantation calls Auntie Jean sits in her rocking chair in a little hut provided for the slaves, working on quilt pieces singing “I Shall Not Be Moved”. She is interrupted by her niece
Mary Jay: Oh Auntie Jean, you sing so beau-ti-ful. (She gives a little pause. Then excitedly in a hurried, hushed tone) after the lights goes out in the big house, the guzs (girls) is a coming over. You see, late Friday us guzs while we were in deem fields started singing one of deem old songs Brother Daniel loves to lead. Then suddenly it happen. I doesn’t know what it wuz, but we all felt it. It wuz like God Almighty had hit us with one of His thunderbolts. We all started a shouting and a saying Hal-le-lu -jah! We just couldn’t stop. We all right then and there decided that we would go on and live from that moment on good and perfect lives.

Auntie Jean: Oh, precious child, that’s the best news you old tired blind Auntie has heard since Masa Sullivan told me I didn’t have to work no more.

Mary Jay: I don’t know Auntie Jean. We’ve changed. We’ve all changed. Instead of praising the Lord, Auntie Jean, we’ve started questioning Him.

Auntie Jean: What child? How dare you question the Lord God Almighty!
A soft knock is heard at the door.

Mary Jay: Hush, here the guzs is now. (Mary Jay invited the girls in)

To be continued.