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Part 1. The Yeast and The Dough

Many years ago, a bread maker and his wife owned a small Shop. People came from miles and miles around to buy bread, cookies and diffèrent sorts of cakes from their Shop. The baker and his wife made wedding cakes, birthday cakes, holiday cakes and even cup cakes. If there was a wedding in Town, the bread maker and his wife made the wedding cake. When the Church sponsored a bazaar, the Bread Maker and his wife made cookies, cup cakes and big cakes as well for the bazaar. Everyone loved the bread makes and his wife. They were a fat, jolly couple who were truly loved by their community  and the surrounding communities.

One sunny day, in the month of October, a Little girl came in the bread maker’s Shop  with her grandfather to celebrate her birthday. Her grandfather  instucted  her to look around and  order  anything she saw she wanted. After all, it was her birthday. The Little girl looked at all the pictures on the wall of the different sandwiches , drinks, cookies and cakes  they sold. One pictures in particular caught her eye. There on the wall was a picture of some unusally large cookies that had no price.

The waitress came over  and asked them if they were ready to place their order.

The grandfather said it was his granddaughter’s birthday and she could order anything she wanted. The Little girl said she wanted a cupcake for herself  and one for her grandfather. The waitress then asked if she wanted anything to drink. The grandfather  added two sodas with lots of whippe cream.

The Little girl then asked grandpa why there was a picture on the wall of 24 large cookies and no Price. With a stern look her grandfather  answered , there Is a story behind that picture.

To be continued