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Part 2: Hailey Helps Baby Elephant Find His Way Home

Hailey and Baby Elephant stood there for a moment and listen to his mother.  She told her new calf of the bravery of her older brother.  His fight was courageous. He had fought valiantly but at last, there were just too many lions.  He lost because there was just a myriad of the pride. He could not fight them all alone.  That is what his father told her. She had sent him back to find her baby. When he got there the fight was ongoing and there was nothing he could do. His heart was broken. She cried and cried for her baby but he could not console her. He left home because she developed a bad temperament. Since that time, they both have moved on and started new families. Perhaps one day, you will meet your father.

For a minute Hailey thought,  how sweet his father came back for him.  Then her mind went back to that day. Her family stayed for hours. no one came for Baby Elephant. That is the reason her parents took him home with them.

Hailey said nothing of her thoughts to Baby Elephant. However, she encouraged him to make himself known to his mother. Baby Elephant called out: Mama! mama, the mighty lions did not kill me! I am here! I am your son!

His mother screamed: Who are you? Why do you make jokes to a poor broken-hearted mother? My son is dead. The mighty lions killed him. Go away! I never want to see you again!

Baby Elephant was devastated. He could not understand why his own mother did not recognize him. He just stood there dumbfounded for a minute. Finally, Hailey said; Let’s go

Sadly,  the two took the long road back to the hippopotamus’s camp. Upon their arrival, all the young hippos ask: Did you find your mother? Did you….did you….? All of our parents have agreed you can’t live with us anymore. In astonishment, Hailey inquired, my parents too? Hailey’s parents said they too had agreed it had become too complicated for Baby Elephants to live with them any longer. Baby Elephants could not be hidden any longer on the savanna. He was too big and too tall for them to hide. But it makes no difference now. He has found his mother. Baby Elephant will no longer live with us anyway.  Baby Elephant was disheveled by their words. He told them how his own mother did not know him. He had the smell of the hippos. He could not live with the hippopotamuses and he could not live with the elephants. He had no other choice. He had to live alone. Hailey said: No brother. If you can not live here, neither will I.

Sadly, they both walked away.

to be continued